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Intergration of technology into education (Coursework Sample)

the paper was about integration of technology into education. online professional organizations that can guarantee professional development were discussed, followed by technological issues of concern in the education environment. the paper concluded with recommendations on how to best adopt technology in the education environment. source..
Integration of technology into education Name Institution Introduction In education, integration of technology has been a concern. Consequently, much research has resulted about the topic. Common in all the research is the fact that technology will affect the future of education. Following is an evolution of technology in education. The future of technology in education, and how to best prepare for it by educational professionals will be assessed at length. Professional organizations for professional development First professional organization; This particular organization is a professional learning community (PLC). Professional learning communities are virtual communities that target professional growth and development. They are online based and hosted on technologies cites that include Multi user dungeons, internet relay play, chart rooms and electronic mailing lists. Such virtual communities pose several advantages to users that include instant information exchange. Another is professional growth and development. This particular source hosts several online professional learning platforms that target professionals in the education field. The site breaks down professional learning into segments for convenience. Users can choose any of the topics highlighted. The topics include math adaptive learning, algebra readiness, art infused education, culturally and linguistically responsive teaching, differentiating instructional technology, and skills for digital education success. The second professional organization; /q-Virtual-Teacher-jobs.html This online forum targets teachers. The website provides a platform for advertising jobs in the teaching profession and other insights about the same. The jobs advertised vary, and are not strictly classroom-oriented jobs. For instance, a new set of jobs that has been immerging recently is online teaching. This form of teaching enables teacher to teach students via online platforms. This form of teaching is gaining popularity in modern times. Another is education consultancy. I will use this particular source to stay informed of the latest opportunities in education. Additionally the site periodically introduces guests to offer perspectives about the new education environment and concerns therein. Such information is important to anyone interested in development in education. Issues of significance in the next decade One issue that will have a profound impact on the field of education is technology. In this regard, technology has the potential of changing the education environment. The changes it is likely to cause are twofold. First, technologies will more than likely affect the way education will be conducted in future times. This fact is evidenced by a recent development in education; virtual learning classrooms, which have changed the way education is offered globally. Secondly, technology will likely will create additional opportunities that were previously nonexistent. A good example of this is virtual jobs. Moreover, the opportunities will be available to every professional in the teaching field thanks to the World Wide Web. Another issue of significance in the future of education is research. Nowadays, research in education is adopted into the field at a healthy relate. For instance, research on the need for performance evaluation in academia led to introduction of performance appraisals in the field of education. Accordingly, it is important to carefully observe research in this field to anticipate changes in the education environment. A final issue that will have an impact in education is the number of professionals in the field. In the recent past, the popularity of the professional has been reducing. Consequently, less people are venturing into this field leading to staff shortages. This will definitely affect the future of education. Therefore, it is important to put this fact in mind when making strategic decisions in education. About the first issue CITE journal (2016) states that it is important for teachers to be technologically educated in anticipation of the expected impacts of technology on education. Moreover, technological literacy by teachers is vital to deal with the 21st century operational environment. Therefore, investing in training is vital to prepare teachers for the future of education. Another source, Education world (2016) advises teachers to embrace technology in education as opposed to fighting it. The source further provides several tips for teachers to enjoy using technology on job. They include following developments in technology and incorporating them into the teaching environment, together with embracing technology to make teaching easier. To use technology in the teaching environment calls for planning. This demands the use of experts to offer insights on how to use technology at the work place. In BROOKINGS (2016) some expert views are presented. First, technologies to be adopted in the teaching environment must be those that empower teachers. Secondly, teachers should incorporate technology in the lesson planning process. Thirdly, teachers need to use online portfolios to asses and evaluate students. Lastly, teachers should also adopt opens source technologies and not limit themselves to expensive and complicated software. A common feature in all technological developments is creativity and innovation. Unfortunately, such creativity and innovation in most case comes from students. This is unexpected because teachers have more knowhow and experience. Therefore, they should be more creative. Teachers need to embrace this culture of creativity and innovation in the technological environment too (Goodman & Dingle, 2013). Teachers can also use technology for professional development (Scott, 2014). Some of the way teachers can do this is by using technology to further continuous learning initiatives. In this regard, teacher can register and take online masters courses and other courses that will lead to career growth and professional development. Other way teachers can use technology for professional development is by embracing technology and using it to source and seize new opportunities (Scott, 2014). How my research skills have developed From this course work, my research skills have improved. First, I have been well versed on how to prepare for any research. In this regard, key to successful research is good planning skills. One must plan the entire outline of the research, and follow it in the research process, to remain on course and focused all through the research. A second way my research skills have improved is with respect to sourcing information. Concerning that, I have learnt where to look to get educational research materials like journals and online publications. Thirdly, I have learnt how to assess the credibility of a source before deciding to use the materials of the particular source. Regarding that, for published journals, a look at the number of times a journal has been cited will give a fair reflection of the credibility of a source. For websites and online sources, a look at the reviews is important to assess the credibility of the source. Other way my research skills have improved is with respect to making deductions and inferences from a sourced information. Lastly, I have learnt how to document my research finding as evidenced by the report I prepared. Plan for continued information and literacy development Goals My first goal is to focus on continuous learning. From my research, I have established that continuous learning is important in the field of academia. This led to the development of my first goal. My second goal is to stay informed of the developments in the education profession. A final goal is to learn what others in the field of education are doing. Plan To achieve my first goal of continuous learning, I plan to enroll for an advanced degree in a renowned university. Moreover, I will subscribe to an online publication in the field of education. To achieve my second goal of staying informed, in excess of the earlier stated initiatives, I also plan on registering and participating in online virtual forums. Is such forums, discussion on various issues in education are common. This will keep me well informed of the developments in the education profession. To know what other are doing in the education profession, I will first do all the earlier stated initiatives, together with linking with experts in the field of education. Resources The resources I will use are mostly technological. I plan to use the internet and World Wide Web for online education. In fact, I am planning to pursue and online based advanced degree. I will also use the internet to participate in virtual conversations and other online forums. Lastly, I will use technology to interact and inform others about what I have done to cont...
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