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Accounting, Finance, SPSS
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Finance and Accounting Accounting, Finance, SPSS Coursework (Coursework Sample)


answering finance and accounting questions.


Finance and Accounting
Discussion Prompts
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Explain why managers should use MCs interactively when an external crises occurs.
Using MCs interactively gives managers ways to help them in coping with the increased demand to possess information than can help in solving external crises. MCs help in conveying critical information that can help managers in their managerial tasks. MCs assist managers in decision-making and run the company effectively to attain the desired goals. Managers who use MCs have improved organization performances. According to Chenhall (2013 p. 129) MCs have both clan control, personal, and general performance measurements systems and also financial and non-financial information. A manager should understand that a company cannot function in isolation of external crises. MCs have certain effects on strategies. Managers have to use MCs interactively because they are considered strategy implementation systems and strategy management systems. Use of MCs in cases of external crises helps a manager identify particular factors that can lead to strategic process. Managers who use MCs interactively in cases of external crises have a particular advantages because MCs have been designed to offer strategies which will lead the company to a competitive advantage. MCs and strategies have been linked to help managers perform and run companies in any situation

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