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Accounting, Finance, SPSS
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Financial Accounting and Maximizing Profits (Coursework Sample)


THE TASK HAD 2 UESTIONS. FIRST QUESTION REQUIRED WRITER TO AGREE OR DISAGREE WHETHER financial accounting in business is less critical than managerial accounting. SECOND QUESTION REQUIRED WRITER TO EXPLAIN HOW maximizing profits is the main target of an organization whose primary purpose is to generate profits.


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Question 1
I agree that financial accounting in business is less critical than managerial accounting. This is because the primary goal of management accounting is to provide actionable data that can be used inside an organization (Jetter & Walker, 2017). Managers in the business world amass data that enables them to better plan for the future, establish attainable objectives, and allocate resources effectively. When comparing Management and financial accounting, the primary distinction is in the information's final consumers (Mariya, 2022). Financial accounting aims to provide financial information to people outside the company. In contrast, managerial accounting aims to enable managers within the firm to make current and clear business 

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