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Business Plan Report (Coursework Sample)


The purpose of this business plan report is to provide a comprehensive overview of the company, including an executive summary, description of the company, product and services offered, SWOT analysis, marketing plan with a marketing strategy using the 4Ps, management plan with ownership details, and a financial plan. The report will serve as a roadmap for the future growth and success of the business.


-2273307293610ID No.Student Name00ID No.Student Name-6877051162685{Your Business Name}00{Your Business Name}42868851629410Business Plan Report00Business Plan Report462470514389102021- 2022 | 2rd Sem002021- 2022 | 2rd Sem
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u {Your Business Name} PAGEREF _Toc64741638 \h 01.Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc64741639 \h 22.Company Description PAGEREF _Toc64741640 \h 2a.Name of the Company PAGEREF _Toc64741641 \h 2b.Description of Product and Services PAGEREF _Toc64741642 \h 2c.Our Logo (Optional) PAGEREF _Toc64741643 \h 2d.SWOT analysis PAGEREF _Toc64741644 \h 23.Marketing Plan PAGEREF _Toc64741645 \h 3a.Target Market PAGEREF _Toc64741646 \h 3b.Marketing Strategy (4 Ps) PAGEREF _Toc64741647 \h 3i.Product: PAGEREF _Toc64741648 \h 3ii.Price PAGEREF _Toc64741649 \h 3iii.Place PAGEREF _Toc64741650 \h 3iv.Promotion PAGEREF _Toc64741651 \h 34.Management Plan PAGEREF _Toc64741652 \h 4a.Ownership Information PAGEREF _Toc64741653 \h 4i.Names of owner(s): PAGEREF _Toc64741654 \h 4ii.Forms of ownership (Sole proprietorship/Partnership etc.) PAGEREF _Toc64741655 \h 4iii.Staffing PAGEREF _Toc64741656 \h 45.Financial Plan PAGEREF _Toc64741657 \h 5a.Startup Budget: PAGEREF _Toc64741658 \h 5b.Monthly Operational Cost Plan (OMR): PAGEREF _Toc64741659 \h 5
Executive Summary
Throughout Oman, “Omantel” is a significant telecommunications firm. The current fashion in the telecom industry has prompted “Omantel” to look at the viability of a diversified plan. Therefore, “Omantel” decided to expand its operations into the media industry by introducing Omantel Television products. That company shall meet the recreational demands of Oman's residents whilst still safeguarding and exhibiting the country's culture and traditions. Omantel's attitude in interacting with clients is to keep listening to customers to understand and comprehend their opinions and thoughts and to pursue clear accountability to fulfill their commitments and satisfy their orders and wants.
Following the merger of “Omantel” and Oman mobile, “Omantel” continues to offer a comprehensive variety of consolidated telecommunication services to its various customers because “Omantel” is one of the state's economic growth arteries; it has played a pivotal role in developing the economy of Oman since 1970. In Oman, the media sector is extraordinarily intense and monitored by the state. Having taken up the initiative, Omantel TV set out to be the dominant player in the coming five years whilst still delivering a reasonable dividend payout. The document details Omantel Television's business model and how the business model was implemented.
Company Description
Name of the Company
The name of the company is "Omantel ."This is Oman's first-ever Telecommunication Company, founded in back 19s.
Description of Product and Services
Product / Service


Targeted Customer

Price (OMR)



Mobile and fixed broadband services

Omantel provides data through mobile services (5G & 4G services) and wired across an entire Oman.

Both male and female

People above 16 years are more likely to use Omantel Mobile and fixed broadband services

15 OMR

Entertainment services

Omantel provides entertainment to people through T.V. services and Gaming services as well.

Both male and female

T.V. services are utilized by people above 16 years, while gaming services are most likely to be utilized by young people and youth

20 OMR

Our Logo (Optional)

SWOT analysis
32619952910840 New entrants as the trend is rising in Oman for media servicesHigh competitionDealing with unregulated competitors00 New entrants as the trend is rising in Oman for media servicesHigh competitionDealing with unregulated competitors5759452901315 Rising numbers of new customersRise of the media sector in Oman00 Rising numbers of new customersRise of the media sector in Oman575945729615Brand ReputationHighly trained staff and employeesIntegration of advanced technology Effective Financial Management00Brand ReputationHighly trained staff and employeesIntegration of advanced technology Effective Financial Management3282950710565Authoritarian leadershipThe significant influence of Omani stateAbsence of the Change managementStatic business environment 00Authoritarian leadershipThe significant influence of Omani stateAbsence of the Change managementStatic business environment
Marketing Plan
Target Market
Omantel has designated its consumer base as Omani residents who like television content. Information from the secondary investigation, the following components of the customer base can be discovered. The needs of customers in the customer base are constantly shifting. Consumers anticipate a more exceptional standard of lively excitement. As a result, Omantel must pay special attention to shifting customer preferences and adjust its stream offerings accordingly.
Marketing Strategy (4 Ps)
This section sets out strategies for reaching the target market, arousing their interest in the product or service, and delivering it to them in sales.
Products of Omantel are categorized into three categories.
1 “Platinum” package.
2 “Gold” package.
3 “Silver” package.
Such products were created to meet the needs of three main asset classes, as indicated previously. Every bundle is customized to meet the demands of the customers. The platinum bundle, for instance, contains Television networks that advertise a lavish life and items. “Platinum” package is aimed at individuals with high income who will have accessibility across all streams, incorporating those that are pricey.
There are two main possible pricing strategies adopted by "Omantel ."The following strategies are:
1 Market Penetration Pricing
2 Market Skimming Pricing
1 “Market Penetration Pricing”
“Market Penetration Pricing” happens when prices of products and services are deliberately set low to enhance the volume of products' sales because people like to pay lower prices for products they purchase (Ali and Anwar, 2021). Companies are likely to attain their market dominance maximization goal using a "Market Penetration Pricing."
2 “Market Skimming Pricing”
When using a "Market Skimming Pricing," prices begin high and gradually drop drastically to maximize revenues from “price-sensitive” clients. This seems especially true for businesses that introduce cutting-edge technologies and innovative goods. "Omantel" will follow the penetrating price plan for “Omantel” T.V. It intends to offer its goods at modest profitability. “Omantel” T.V.'s bundles will be less expensive than those offered by several other competitive brands (Thabit and Raewf, 2018). “Omantel” will meet its revenue and profitability objectives by increasing overall sales rather than increasing the prices of products and services.
" Place " aims to enhance the accessibility of the company's products and services to its customers. “Omantel” will accomplish that goal by distributing fixed and mobile broadband services through its own distribution locations situated all across Oman (Al Badi, 2018). Those shops will be utilized by “Omantel” to sell encoder and parabolic dishes. Professionals that operate on fixed broadband internet will provide repair service.
There are mainly two marketing strategies adopted by "Omantel ."Following are promotional strategies adopted by "Omantel."
1 Push factor
2 Pull factor
"Push factor of the promotion."
“Push factor of the promotion” occurs when any company directly tries to sell its products and services to its customers. The company demands that consumers know about their products and services. The company dire

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