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Research Methods For Business (Coursework Sample)


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You are applying for the job of ‘Director Corporate Identity’ at Bangor University. As part of this process, you have been asked to write a short report entitled “Identifying Bangor University” in which you have to identify and summarise Bangor University’s espoused values and identity. In your report you have to answer the following questions:
How does Bangor University define itself in terms of 1) teaching 2) learning 3) anything else?
What key themes are evident concerning the student experience of studying at Bangor University?
What key themes are evident concerning Bangor, and the surrounding North Welsh area, as a location to live?
If you were developing this study into your 3rd year dissertation. What several other forms of data could you collect [in addition to the aforementioned] to provide a more balanced, multi-perspective view of Bangor University, its students’ experience and North Wales as a location?


by (Name)
The City and State where it is located
Research Methods for Business
The university was known as the University of North Wales before its name was changed to the Bangor University. The institution was founded in October 18, 1884, as a result of campaigns in North Wales for a new college. Residents of North Wales had been really instrumental in its establishment including quarrymen who subscribed over 1,200 pounds to the university. The quarrymen also organized a procession during the opening ceremony whereby the Earl of Powis, who was also the first college president, graced the event and gave an opening speech.
In 1885, the university was incorporated with Royal Charter where the students of the University of Wales received degrees from the University of London; this continued until the year 1893 when the UCNW took over and founded a constituent institution of the federal University of Wales.
The name of the university changed from the University of Wales to the Bangor University after a decision that it was no longer going to be a federal university. This meant that they no longer wanted to collaborate with other institutions such as the University of London, and were determined to begin offering their own degrees just like the University of London. The university took on the name Bangor University soon after the decision. Students who graduated after 2009 received degrees from the University of Bangor, while those who enrolled or graduated after 2009 could choose if they wanted the University of Wales or the Bangor University name in their degree certificates.
Method of Research
The best way to identify university characteristics is through studying rankings. Various magazines, newspapers, and journals published by different companies carry out regular survey on universities around the world and rank them according to various characteristics. The Bangor University is among the globally ranked universities. For instance, according to the "Times Higher Education Ranking" carried out in 2015, the institution was among the top 100 international universities.
Another way of carrying out an analysis or research on a university is by visiting the university’s website. Bangor University has a website that presents detailed description of the university including the courses it offers, accommodations, and other information about the institution. Through the website, one can also contact the university representatives and get more information. Besides, the website of the university also publishes a university journal whereby it gives information on the progress of its students and development of institution; this is another source of information for the research.
Campus Buildings
The first university building that hosted only 58 students and 12 members of teaching staff was an old coaching inn at Penrhyn Arms Hotel. In 1911, it was moved to an arts building which was significantly larger than the first building that was designed by Henry Hare. The move was seen as a significant and the king of the time, King Edward VII graced the ceremony and laid a foundation stone on the 9th of July, 1907, however, the university was later on officially opened by King George V in 1911. The building does not only have an exceptional design but also an exceptional view. It has a highly visible view of Bangor including the Bangor Mountain. In addition, it is actually positioned on a hill hence the nickname "the college on the hill." In 1949, the building became a Grade I listed structure. In 1969, it also went through an improvement whereby a quadrangle on the college roadside of the building was completed (Miller 1995). The extension was considered modern and is now referred to as the Main Arts building.
There are some considerations in the provision of accommodation to various students. For instance, unmarried first year undergraduate students are guaranteed accommodation at Bangor soon after admission. The University has over 2,000 rooms in buildings known as the halls of residence within the university. The halls of residence are within a walking distance from the university. They are in four different sites but all in close proximity to the university. Ffriddoedd site is the university’s largest accommodation site. Moreover, it is close to the city center and the Science Site, and has seventeen en-suite halls. Another big site is the Neuadd Reichel, which has a coffee shop, a convenience shop sport center, bar, and launderettes.
The university has five different colleges that have divided into institutes or schools. The different institutions of the university are top rank (Miller 1995). The five schools include the College of Business, Law, Education, and Social Sciences; the College of Arts and Humanities; College of Health and Behavioral Sciences; the College of Physical and Applied Sciences; and the School of Natural Sciences. These different colleges offer various degree courses, for instance, the college of Art and Humanities has eleven schools, which offer different courses.
How to Extend the Study
Another best method of learning about the university is through visiting and carrying out interviews. During the visit, the focus should be on the student life and the following could be found: there is a Student’s Union that offers support, entertainment and various co-curriculum activities to students of the university. Students of Bangor University are all automatically members of the union unless one chooses otherwise. In the university committee, there is a provision for student union heads and officials. Leaders and officials of the student’s union are elected yearly, and only students of Bangor University could be elected on the positions. The candidates are allowed to campaign and seek votes but once they are in office, their task is to putting the union in order because if anything happens in the name of the union or any action by the students, then the union officials are held accountable (Roberts 2009).
Students have a department called the Student Volunteering Bangor, which is in charge of organizing volunteer services for the students. The students through the department manage to offer over 600 volunteering opportunities in over 30 community-based programs. In total, it has been estimated that the students dedicate over 600 hours on volunteer work per week. This department has developed a volunteer culture in the university and this has earned the institution a good reputation not to mention the several awards including the 2012 Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. The oldest event organized by the department was a tea party for local elderly residents in 1952, which became part of the culture that still goes on to date.
Another program that has made a mark in the university is the Nightline. This program is an information service, listening service and support service that is run by students...
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