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Demographic Country Profile of Portugal (Coursework Sample)


Your country profile must be three A4 pages document [printed double-side and in colour]. The first two pages must be your country profile: A concise and precise description and analysis of a country socio-demographic and epidemiological profile. The health indicators chosen must be the most prevalent health issues experienced in that country. Your country profile must combine text and self-produced graphic aids to create a professionally presented and self-explanatory picture of the country demographic and health profile. The last page must list the references used to build your country profile listed using Harvard style. Most, if not all of the graphic aid prepared to be included in the final country demographic and health profile to be submitted on the exam date, will be self-produced. They all must have a clear title and the sources used to build it clearly referenced. The session on “Searching for epidemiological and public health data” will provide the foundations to learn how to access to raw data for the production of your own figures. The presentation should be logically structured and should be self-explanatory. here as attachment i send how to search for data. basically you need to do the graphs your self in colour. i send you as well as attachment an example of a similirar work but from united kingdom that has been done. the country demographic profile you need to do is Portugal. the attachment i send in word with epidemiology name is where you can find some data. but please you need to do the maps yourself they do not accept copy and paste. the similarities cannot be more than 15 per cent. please write your own words. this is a master level. the subject is epidemiology the country United Kingdom is an example of a similar you you need to do for Portugal. this had a good grade is an example of good work. see the country profile i send you as attachment is a good example of how you need to do Portugal, I need this to be done maximum on 12 of december 2019.


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Country profile for the Portugal
Portugal is a country located in the Southwestern Europe bordering the North Atlantic Ocean and located to the west of Spain as shown in figure 1.
Figure 1: The map of Portugal

Source: CIA, 2020
Figure 2: Portugal 2020 population

Self-produced from CIA 2020
In figure 2 above Portugal has an aging population. Males and female are similarly distributed until the age of 50 years where female are seen to be more predominant that the male. Life expectancy at birth has continued to increase in Portugal with a rapid rate seen between the years 2003-204 and the years 2016-2018 (CIA 2020).
Table 1: Important demographic and health indicators for Portugal
Indicator Statistical data Total population as at June 202010,196,709Median age 2018 in years Total-43.7, Male 41.8, Female 45.6Birth rate 2018 ( per 1000 people)8.2Death rate 2018 ( per 1000 people)10.6Health expenditures 20159%Life expectancy at birth 2018 in years  Total population 80.9 , Male 77.7, Female 84.2 Source: CIA 2019
The total population of Portugal as at June 2020 was 10,196, 709. A child born in 2018 in Portugal has a life expectancy of 80.9 years as shown in the table 1 above. Male have a lower life expectancy at birth as compared to female. A male born in 2018 in Portugal has an expectancy of 77.7 years lower than female who are at the age of 84.2 years. As at 2018 most of the population had an average age of 43.7 years. It also clear from table above that the health expenditure in 2015 was at 9%. There was a consistent drop of health expenditure since 2009. In the year 2009 the health expenditure was at 11.3%.
There has been a considerable decrease in mortality rate of children under 5 years. In the years 1990, 

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