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Town Planning Clipper Bay, Stepwise Approach To Development (Coursework Sample)


I followed the client instruction that he sent me before starting his project.


Town Planning Clipper Bay
In old times the economy revitalization and growth meant to conquer new land and digging out new resources from area, which at present has changed its meaning to growth of the community within the defined boundaries of land. If a community growth in terms of proper economic planning is avoided it will lead to resources depletion or community distress for which the sustainable long term planning is ultimate demand. The need of revitalization is based on three crises according to Cunningham (2005) stated as: Constraints of increasing population, corrosion of available infrastructure and crisis of contamination which has shift global mindset from frontier development to restorative development. The Clipper Bay area having population of 5000 from three generations has economic potential for growth because of the livelihood mean i.e fishing and rich heritage which has been kept alive by the natives of community. Certainly a budget of $50 Million has to be utilized in sustainable development plans which have sustainability and strength to uplift the community providing opportunities to increasing population. The process of revitalization can be frustrating and confusing while consuming a lot of time but comes with the benefits of more social interaction, built environment, added recreational choices, increased community pride, increased tax revenues, increased tourism, increased local businesses and culture heritage preservation.
Stepwise Approach to development:
* A description of how you would approach determining the best way to revitalize the economy by consultation with the relevant parties:
Keeping in view the need of economic revitalization for community to address the issues of change, to save the community from economic decline and depletion of resources and to preserve the cultural and natural heritage from dying with growth in population, it was necessary to plan a sustainable development project for the community of Clipper Bay. Vibrant and stable communities need to revitalize their economy through developing new commercial areas, highways, corridors and information industries, alternate way of earning, promoting local businesses and promotion of culture to enhance life quality and transit economy to rapidly changing world. Barber (2003)
The best approach to revitalize the economy was to plan stepwise with involvement of local community and other relevant parties for desirable and sustainable outcomes. A successful planning has following ingredients to be completed and sustained:
1 Potential industry: Identifying the potential industries of the area for economic growth is the strategic step in the revitalization of economy. The Clipper Bay has a potential fishing industry on which the community livelihood is based, can be considered for advancement. Farming can be utilized as an alternate way of livelihood for coming generation. Along with these two industries the tourism to promote the culture and generate revenue from the local business can be a great plan for the economy revitalization.
2 Shared Vision: The vision of the plan must be shared by all necessary components of the system which will be linking in one way or other to the economic development includes participants from local interest, service groups, and Public, recreation, government and business owners.
3 Local leadership: Agreed on shared vision strong local leaders will expedite the plan efficiently having the knowledge of local area and can overcome the hurdles in implementations of plans easily.
4 Partnership: Taking on board all the contributors to make partnership with private companies, local agencies, community groups and government partners helping in cost sharing, machinery, labor, private sector assistance, technological assistance, academic researchers and flexible procurements.
5 Public involvement: Residence awareness, feedback and involvement are necessary, as they will be the contributors as well as the beneficiaries from all kind of development plan so their involvement cannot be ignored at any stage.
6 Community and policy base: taking in account the needs of community and already existing policies for the area are very important to be followed to set strong foundation of the future development plans.
7 Once the parties were recognized and vision was set, the consultation process was initiated to develop a realistic plan and executed it with shared concern for the benefit of the community. The consultation included the public meetings, interviews, public exhibitions, advisory committees, focus groups, guided tours and visual mapping of the area.
* The use of comparative advantage, CBA or ROI analyses to clearly identify an industry to support economic revitalization of the town.
The geography favors the already existing livelihood of fishing because of given features:
* Marine Area
* Unfertile Land
* Fishing as basic livelihood of town
* Forest
* Rocky beaches
The potential industry for support of economy can be best determine through comparative advantage theory between two industries one the already existing industry of fishing and the other industry to b initiated in the Clipper bay is farming.
Assuming each of the step involved in the promotion of the both the industries as one unit of cost which will be equal to $1 Million. Setting up any industry will require certain steps given as:





$1 Million



$1 Million



$1 Million



$1 Million



$1 Million



$1 Million



$1 Million


$7 Million

The total cost on establishing an industry is assumed $7 Million total.
The already existing industry will not require the initial 5 steps but would only require the 6th and 7th step to revitalize the economy while the new industry to set up i.e farming will require all the 7 steps to be fulfilled for economic growth.
A skilled labor of fishing can catch earn 10 units each hour while the unskilled labor in farming can earn 5 units after training when analyzed th...

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