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Share Market Report Mathematics & Economics Coursework (Coursework Sample)


The paper was based on an in-depth financial analysis of share market for JB Hi-Fi with graphs and calculations.


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Part 2 (A) JB Hi-Fi Company Background
JB Hi-Fi is an Australian based company that offers consumer electronics. These include televisions, audio equipment, computers, and equipment; software products such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and games (JB Hi-Fi Limited, 2015). It also offers telecommunications products and services, musical instruments, and digital content comprising music, books, and videos (JB Hi-Fi Limited, 2015). The CEO for the financial year ended 2014 was Mr. Richard Murray (JB Hi-Fi Limited, 2015). The total salaries paid as short-term employee benefits for the year ended 2014 was $5,374,486 (JB Hi-Fi Limited, 2015).
JB Hi-Fi limited had a profit of $128,447 for the year ended 2014 as reported in the statement of comprehensive income. During the year it paid a dividend of $65,263 (JB Hi-Fi Limited, 2015). The size of the company in terms of the total assets held for the year ended 2014 was $859,841 (JB Hi-Fi Limited, 2015). The full time employees hired by the company for the year were 7,320 (JB Hi-Fi Profile, 2015). The highest share price for the two weeks for the year was $22.37 while the lowest was reported at $14.35.

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