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The importance of self awareness in terms of enhancing skills, strengths and developmental areas, and lessons learnt about using a range of communication techniques (Coursework Sample)


It is a reflective report which will enable the client to continue building on his communication skills. This needs to cover the importance of self awareness in terms of enhancing skills, strengths and developmental areas, and lessons learnt about using a range of communication techniques


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Effective communication is a crucial tool in a person’s life. It is equally important for personal relationships and employment. For one to be successful in today’s business world, it is required to possess strong language and persuasive skills, especially if a person’s work includes interaction with public or a large number of co-workers. (Agarwal 2010).
In this course, I have learnt the importance of self awareness in terms of enhancing my skills, strengths and developmental areas. I have also learnt the skill of using a range of communication techniques. By understanding self awareness, I am able to identify what motivates me or discourages me in life, and I have defined my personal values.
By being self aware, I realize how my thoughts, emotions, and behaviors affect other people. This helps in managing my perspective of communication and ensuring other person is an important part of the discussion. Self awareness helps a person provide other people with the opportunity to express their opinions. With self awareness, I am able to have enough confidence, which makes me more comfortable when relating with others (Rai and Rai 2009).
Self awareness helps in deep conversation with other person. This is because by giving other people a chance to express their views, they feel important and valued, and thus, they are able to open up and talk deeply on how they feel on a subject. Self-awareness helps in understanding how other people perceive me and provides ways on how to make more meaningful relations and build stronger relationships.
Self awareness is also important when it comes to intercultural communication. Working in a multinational company implies that in the work place one has to communicate with people of different cultures. It is important to understand their culture and know that their perception about some things might differ from mine. What motivates one person can differ from what drives another person. In such a case, it is important not to judge a person before understanding his motives (Cartwright 2002).There are key areas that one needs to understand about him- or herself to become more self aware. This includes character, emotions, values and psychological needs that drive people’s behaviors (DeVito 2009).
I have learnt about using a range of communication techniques to enhance better understanding in the communication process. One of the techniques is to listen actively. This includes listening attentively to what a person is saying verbally and nonverbally. Another technique is to use silence. This gives the communicator some time to explore her or his inner thoughts or feelings. Tonal variation is aspect of communication that is very important. This is observed through signals and facial expression. For instance, when someone is saying they a...
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