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My TNC project is Costco Wholesale Corporation Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Paper details: Assignment instruction
My TNC project is Costco Wholesale Corporation
This week, you begin preparing a map of your TNC's global sourcing and market access networks using Google My Maps. You may find that if you are dealing with a huge TNC like GE or Unilever that it is better to just focus on one particular commodity produced by the TNC.
Note: You must create your own map. You will not be able to find pre-made maps in the main library or the business library.
Follow the directions in this document to complete this assignment: Mapping Exercise.pdf
The assignment is to map your TNCs globalization, thus maps that demonstrate the supply and commodity chains of your company's production are preferable to (and will receive a better grade than) maps that simply show locations of different stores.
I. Using My Maps, construct a map showing how global your TNC is. Please see the additional Mapping Exercise.pdf guidelines for information about how to do this.
Please note,
There is a example of what other student's work look like. You can do a similar one. And my TNC project is Costco Wholesale Corporation.
The link for my mapping assignment on Gap Inc. is as follows: (Links to an external site.)
In mapping Gap Inc. I wanted to look at the global spread of the company, and specifically where their presence was most concentrated. While my schedule didn't permit me enough time to place 900 pin points for the stores located just in America, I did note how many stores were in each country that Gap Inc. had agreements with (click on the pin point and details are listed). Gap Inc. is the host to 5 main brands (Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Intermix, Athleta), however I chose to focus solely on the namesake brand, to keep the map as simplistic as possible. Surprisingly, Gap Inc. has several different headquarters offices, with the worldwide office being in San Francisco. Gap Inc.'s website is not very open about where they get their raw materials from, thus the blue markers which indicate approved sourcing are the few that news articles and press releases have stated. And finally, the pink factory pinpoint details just how global Gap Inc. is - with factories on nearly every continent, although the majority of them are in Asia, it is hard to doubt the global presence of this TNC. There certainly are more stores in America than anywhere else, but that is not something I was doubting when launching into this assignment.

Global Mapping
Global mapping involves the use of networking maps to show the area where the product of a given company is highly concentrated. The map is able to show the distribution chain so that potential buyers are able to know regions where the can easily find the product of this company. The map can easily show different stores and their distribution links in a manner that it can the management can identify distribution gaps to fill. Through this, it is possible to identify global market niche where this company can best capture additional market share. My map is able to show the global network for my gap brand which depend on the distribution chain.
This company has different five chains with one global headquarter. There is also an international Gap agreement which ensure that the products of this company must be supplied to different countries promptly so that there is constant supply of the products. This company has different Gap stores and franchises which are distributed in different countries. This ensures constant supply of goods to reduce product shortages.
The factory locations of this company are in greater China Factory, Indian factories, southeast Factories and North African factories. These factories are distri...
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