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Complete Analyzation of the Brandenberg Concerto by Bach (Coursework Sample)


Complete analyzation of the brandenberg concerto by bach

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February 8, 2017
Brandenburg Concerto No. 5
1) There are nine ritornello sections in the first movement of Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No.5.
a) Please list the times when a new ritornello section appears. (Hint: There are nine (complete and partial) appearances.)
0:00 Ritornello-Complete Ritornello played by orchestra, loud, bright, and strong in a major key
0:44 Ritornello (first phrase)-Orchestra, loudly
1:08 Ritornello (middle phrase)-Orchestra, loudly
1:35 Ritornello (middle phrase)-Orchestra, loudly in a minor key
2:21 Ritornello (middle phrase)-Orchestra
4:04 Ritornello (first phrase)-Orchestra, loudly
4:51 Ritornello (first/second phrase)-Orchestra, loudly, with a return to the original key
5:30 Ritornello (middle phrase)
9:26 Ritornello Final Ritornello-Full orchestra plays loudly
b) Why does Bach use the ritornello section this often?
Bach uses this methodology so often because it is a way to tease the listener into expecting the ritornello to return at various parts in the piece when it does not. He uses the ritornello to fade in
Last Name 2
and out with a polyphonic type of texture. Each episode seems to emerge from the ritornello rather than in contrast to it.
c) Which instruments play the solos in between- are all soloists treated equally during the movement?
1 Flute, violin, and harpsichord, major key
2 Flute, violin, and harpsichord
3 Violin, flute, and harpsichord
4 Harpsichord, flute, and violin
5 Flute, harpsichord, violin
6 New theme in minor key, tossed between the flute and violin
7 Violin, flute, harpsichord
8 Violin, harpsichord, flute
9 Violin and flute, supported by rapid scale progressions in the harpsichord
10 Harpsichord solo
The harpsichord is relied upon much more heavily during the solos than the other instruments,
which is not just apparent by looking at this list but listening to the scale progressions that are
played repetitively throughout the piece.
2) Compare the personal life, career, and general musical aesthetic of Johann Sebastian Bach and
George Friedrich Handel.
The differences between the two composers as far as personal life, careers, and general music aest...
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