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Business & Marketing
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Marketing (Coursework Sample)


The paper was about explaining oneself on the willingness to share personal information and life experiences on the internet for profit. Moreover,discussing marketing and advertising opportunities to a fringe group of nudists.

I am an introvert, and that explains how much I love privacy. As a normal human being, I tend to reserve my little private life to my close people and myself. This means that all the experiences of life that I do not want to share with the world must at all times be held in confidentiality. Thus, sharing my information on the internet can only happen if the details are not related to the little secrets about my life. I believe that sharing private information on the internet can infringe one's life in one way or another whether it is for fun or profit. People always get to know the second side of you, and end up judging or using it as a weapon to destroy you. In conclusion, I can never allow someone to share my life and life experiences over the internet whether it is for business or pleasure since privacy is a treasure that I cannot risk losing.
In its best clarity, nudism, also known as naturism, simply entails a social practice that allows people to go out without putting on clothes. There are people who support and belong to this peculiar social behavior or cult without fearing the boundaries of human beings' cultures. This practice is virtually akin to gayism in the aspect that it defies nature. It is weird for people to walk around the streets nude because the evolution of humankind perceives nudism as a wayward social practice. This practice is deep-rooted in Europe and America where a considerable number of people engage in it, and assert their rights in the community. Nudists have been on the race to acclaim their place in the society, and get legal rights just like those of gay people (Rugimbana & Sonny 36).
Nudists have the organizations that help to push for their recognition in the society. The main organization is the American Association for Nude Recreation, which has James “Jim” Shock as the executive director. This association is dangerously infectious in the community since people are embracing the practice as a normal social behavior. Thus, as a person working in a communication agency, I would sideline all my negative energy towards such an errant practice and give the group my invaluable advice for its promotion basing on the tenets of consumer privacy. Since gaysim has been defied for ages in our global community, the anti-nature practice has managed to stand the criticism and still command a great percentage of people to it (Maloney para 2). This implies that as human beings, there is nothing that can be done to stop the practice because it is already pulling crowds into it. Thus, I would advise Jim to use social media as a platform to popularize the social behavior so that people of a similar interest can join the movement.
Basing on the predominant principle of consumer privacy, I would ensure that the agency is very keen on keeping the identities of the club mates in high confidentiality. Infringing the rights to privacy of a consumer is one of the serious offenses that a communication agency can ever do. This is because unleashing private information about a person can tarnish their name or attract unnecessary speculations and hence interfere with their private lives. Adhering to the principle of rights to privacy, social media promotion would enable the group to be more popular than before across the world since the spreading of information is intermittently fast (Maloney para 5).
Once the group has managed to popularize itself adequately across the world, then it is easier to approach corporate organizations to sponsor it while still operating under another principle of consumer privacy. This would be creating an ethical relationship with Jim Shock so that he does not feel neglected since nudism is not fully embraced in the society. This will help the group to have confidence in pushing for their promotion through different platfo...
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