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Narrative Speech (Coursework Sample)


the insturctions include; Interview your partner. after interviewing your partner, prepare a short speech sharing YOUR PARTNER'S story.


Narrative Speech
My friend Lisa always talks about her dad. She says that the time she spent with her dad is too significant in her life. We are sitting down on the basketball pitch ground. Her blonde, thick, and curly hair blow in the direction of the wind. As she sits with her legs crossed, she opens her mind to my questions. She recalls her experience back on the farm with her dad, gathering limestone on the creek bottom.
“When I was ten years old, my parents moved to a new house. My dad wanted us to do some new landscaping as the yard was too plain. He suggested that we should collect the limestone rocks that were on the creeks that ran through on our land.” She continues to say, that every time she visited her parents during summer, she would spend time with her dad collecting and storing limestone rocks to landscape the house in town.
They would always wear protective gloves and pack any supplies they needed; packed food, water, and sunscreen. Lisa's mother never understood why she wanted to spend a day in a horrible environment, working so hard. “It was too hot, and we wound sweat off five pounds. To get your load on the pickup, we would climb a steep side of the creek,” she says with a deep sigh. But she loved spending time with her dad. She

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