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The New Deal (Coursework Sample)


The New Deal as implemented by the Franklin administration. The various programs that constituted the deal and the effectiveness of the deal in countering The Great Depression.

The New Deal
In response to the Great Depression, the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt, which assumed office in 1933 began a vigorous implementation of the New Deal. The Great Depression resulted in financial loss and the impoverishment for millions of Americans. The New Deal formed his campaign proposal to the American society and consisted of several programs. The programs were aimed at providing relief for the unemployed and achieving quick economic recovery. The programs included the Works Progress Administration (WPA), Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), and the National Youth Administration. This paper will discuss the New Deal Programs and provide an illustration of how they embodied the new economic principles. Additionally, the paper will examine if the various policies of the Obama Administration reflect the same economic thinking.
The Works Progress Administration (WPA) is the most popular economic policy in the New Deal package. The WPA was very instrumental in building projects such as schools, bridges, hospitals, and roads in almost every community. Similarly, the Franklin administration used the Public Works Authority (PWA) as the strategy for revitalizing the industries. The WPA and PWA projects provided the infrastructure for development. The jobs created by the industries was essential in stabilizing prices and wages necessary for propping up the business confidence and eliminating the problem of overproduction.
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) stimulated the economy by providing agricultural practices and attracting industries to the regions. The TVA achieved this through its conservation effort and the assertion of the public right to provide power and control floods. The conservation efforts were also performed by other New Deal programs such as the Civilian Conservation Corps. The CCC was useful in the conservation of forest environments and promoted disciplined outdoor labor.
On the other hand, the policies of the Obama administration, such as the stimulus package for combating the economic crisis of 2009 are similar and in other ways different to the New Deal. Similar in that they both targeted stimulating the economy out of the depression and shared some values. The 2009 economic Recession saw people lose jobs, their savings and some lost their mortgaged homes, a situation similar to the 1930s Great Depression. Both governments had to put the people back to work using economic policies.
However, the economic policies are different at a practical level since much change in economic policies has been achieved in the last 75 years. The stimulus package structure included tax cuts for the families and private enterprises engaged in high-tech or energy savings industrial productions. These elements were not part of the New Deal. Additionally, the role played by the Federal Reserve is different between the two government economic policies. The New Deal allowed banks to practice as they wanted while under the stimulus plan...
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