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Two-Step Equations in Solving Real-Life Problems (Coursework Sample)


Discussion Question:
Personal Reflection
View the video Solving Real-World Problems with Two- Step Equations
Discuss your initial thoughts about the video. Provide two additional examples of real-world problems that you solve using two-step equations. Show how you would solve those problems using an equation.


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Two-step Equations in Solving Real life Problems
I thought the video was about complex equations in advanced studies that can be used suitably to solve some of the world’s pressing issues. I also thought the problems were complicated, requiring the use of mathematical equations hence the title of the video. As such, I thought there were already established two-step equations discovered and tailored systematically to solve particular problems in the academic world. Lastly, I was not expecting equations depicting an elementary algebra principle taught throughout the mathematics classes.
I use the two-step equations in solving real-world problems when shopping. Often, I may go shopping and forget to carry the carrying bags, as do many others. For example, I may buy ten items from a shopping mall, necessitating a carrying bag (Bing 45). However, the sizes of the carrying bags are usually different to suit different needs. In my case, I may find that the available bags are of two sizes. The first one can only carry three items, while the other one takes 4. To determine which bags I will use, I have to consider factors like the cost of each bag. In this case, let the small bag be $0.4, and the big one

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