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Religion & Theology
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Religious View of Good and Evil Religion & Theology Coursework (Coursework Sample)


the task required me to relate the concept of good and evil to the various religions of the world.


Religious View of Good and Evil
Mercy Jane
Professor Michael
Religion and Theology
6 January 2020
The concepts of good and evil are complex especially when looked at from a socio-psychological point of view. Good and evil do not only dwell inside persons’ natures, actions and intentions but also in the very interpretations and judgments of those who witness their actions. Research shows that different groups of people hold diverse beliefs regarding the concepts of good and evil and these beliefs affect other aspects of life (Miller 2).
The Muslims view the concept of evil as a way of God testing man as it is taught in the Quran, their Holy book. Muslims do not view the concept of human suffering and evil as a problem per se but as a divine part of their spiritual journey. To the Muslims, suffering is a spiritual requirement that will enable an individual to realize the full abilities of his inner being and cleanse his soul in order to reflect the qualities of God. When a Muslim is faced with suffering or evil like diseases and loss of a loved one and the remedy is to exercise patience and trust and love God so that they may have peace (Rouzati 20).

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