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Global Warming: Causes, Effects and Solutions (Coursework Sample)


DescriptionI need a paper on my "Position" about Global Warming. The Professor calls this a "Position Paper" for my Geography Lab class. I have included his remarks and how this paper should be written. Please see the attached directions on this "Position paper" assignment.


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Global Warming
The Problem
Human beings inhabit an ever-changing world, and there are numerous activities they undertake that have far-reaching effects than they think. By and large, the case regarding global warming is developing at a very alarming rate, and if people are not cautious, reflect, and look for mitigation strategies the situation will be regrettable in the future. The principal problem with global warming is that if one evaluates the issue with keenness, it is all human. As such, many of its causes are human in nature; therefore, the solution is human-made, but there is little to be seen. Regarding that, it is imperative to deduce that people have fallen short of reducing global warming hence the need to do more than what is taking place at present.
Note-wise, the entire concept of global warming refers to the rise in the earth’s average temperature due to the trapping of heat that is supposed to escape from its surface (Simon 15). Concerning that, it is more of a greenhouse effect with greenhouse gases that result from emissions either from burning fossil fuels and deforestation noted as the leading contributor (Rajagopalan 111). Although there are natural causes as well, human-made activities do the most damage; therefore, it is a responsibility of everybody to ensure that he/she actively takes part to reduce global warming.
Effects of Global Warming on the People
As it goes into the record, the entire concept concerning global warming is human in nature. However, although the activities that lead to it do not have an even distribution across the globe, the impacts are global and affect everyone regardless of the contribution made. All in all, the effects of global warming are far reaching. They affect people severely and will continue to torment future generations if citizens continue to overlook the situation. Neverth

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