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Importance of Effective Communication (Coursework Sample)


DESCRIBING WHAT IS COMMUNICATION and Importance of Effectiveness


Importance of Effective Communication
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Communication is the process of passing information from one person to another or a group of people, either verbally or nonverbal. All school employees should have good communication skills since they allow other people to understand the information more quickly and efficiently. When the employees in the school have good communication skills, they can consult each other in the job of education, which helps in building understanding and good bridges of goodwill. For example, teachers can consult their colleagues if they do not understand something concerning learning.
The three examples of front-line workers in schools include board members,teachers, and guiding and counseling teachers. Board members usually make the school's body, and the board members' type determines the running of the school. Many of the schools fail because the board members do not make policies, and they, therefore, do not know what to do and how to do things, and this leads to misunderstanding and failure to run the school as expected. If the board members are not able to collaborate with the community, the school running will be very poor since they will not get new ideas from them.
Some teachers have poor communication while teaching, which makes the class lessons so boring, which makes the students disinterested in that subject and not motivated. Some teachers also experience speech and language difficulties, which makes the students struggle to understand the content, and in turn, many find it difficult to understand. Other teachers are not friendly to students since some are very harsh when teaching, which makes them fear asking questions that they do not understand in the class. This is because some teachers will embarrass and shame them.In interpersonal communication, the communication manager may have problems explaining inform

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