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Student Retention (Dissertation Introduction Sample)


programs or services designed to increase the first-to-second-year retention rate


Student Retention
Introduction-highlight the challenges and effect of low retention of students at the institution
Communication program- explores the strategy of enhancing the retention of students is increased
Technology program- explains how the institution will leverage on technology to retain students
City Community College understands the essence of student retention and its effect on the reputation of an institution. Research have established that the completion rate for the institution stands at 24 percent (Kalsbeek, 2013). Student retention is critical for the organization since the admission offices are overstretched (Fleming, 2012). The budgets and fiscal health of the institution are tight; hence, the need to develop a retention program that is feasible.
Habley (2012) says that communication is a critical concept in enhancing higher retention rate in vocational/technical certificates course. City Community College has designed systems that facilitate communication between staff and students. The personal and free interaction between students and staff is a necessary concept (Seidman, 2012). The developed system will make sure that risk levels of students are measured. We understand that the competitive market in the education sectors requires the institution to design a program that will retain the current student population. Low retention rate affects City Community College financially and degrades the education experience. Scheduled, mail, e-mail, and telephone conversations will help improve communication pathway for students (Simpson, 2013).
Moreover, City Community College seeks to embrace the use of technology in improving the retention rates of students. Braxton (2013) posit that technology will enable the institution to examine institutional objectives, streamline communications, manage risks, enhance students’ interaction, and monitor the progress of the student. The The focus on the High school completion (GED) course will be on communication technology since it will address the College’s at-risk students. Smith (2008) says that student attrition is a critical concept as it lowers the students' experiences, the reputation of the institution, and strains financial strength that reduces the ability of the institution to attract stu...
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