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Dissertation Introduction
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Voice Traffic Broadcasting System Including IP Routing Services (Dissertation Introduction Sample)


Here the introduction and literature review chapter is present .

Running Head: VOIP
“Designing High performance VoIP based Voice Traffic broadcasting system including IP routing services using voice compression algorithm.”
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“Designing High performance VoIP based Voice Traffic broadcasting system including IP routing services using voice compression algorithm.”
In the portion of introduction, I will discuss about some basic concept related to the designing of Voice over IP broadcasting system. I will cover the complete overview of Voice over IP, VOIP equipment, speed and quality, cost, VOIP security issues and planning for VOIP deployment. And the reason behind to select the topic of VOIP broadcasting system All these aspects will support in designing of Voice over IP or Voice finder broadcasting system.
Many of the readers have good understanding about data communication technology and Internet, having slightly background knowledge in the packet-switched environment during real-time imaging or transmitting voice. During the past few year, VOIP recognized as a technical knowledge and technology expectation, on the scope of working in networking and telephony. Although the organization and telecommunication companies are in the situation of designing and creating its infrastructure of telephony for the data of network. The VOIP facilitate low cost solution and alternative to dial up telephone lines. Moreover, the operation of VOIP is widely spread, but still the technology in its minority. Although VOIP still cover the significant portion of commercialized telephony market, providing flexibility and savings it can provide.
Overview of Voice over IP
Voice over IP is transmitted on “Voiceover IP packet –switched IP networks”. It is consider as the newly and improved development in telecommunication field .Compare to other latest technology, VOIP offers opportunities and advancement. VOIP best part is that VOIP promises about greater flexibility and lower cost. There is a misconception about the VOIP technology some enterprises assume that as VOIP possess security administrator, so some particular security challenges is obvious. Administrator assumes that as traveling of Digital voice is in the packet form, so the plugging can easily do in component of VOIP into pre-secured network and will remain secure. This is the misconception. Unfortunately, the process is not such straight forward. This introduction will give detail description concerned to the VOIP security issues for agency, commercialized uses of VOIP and main step for drafting the help to secure the network of VOIP for the organization (Kuhn, 2005,pp.800-858)
VOIP system has broad variety of forms, which includes traditionally used dialup handsets , mobile assembly and conferencing assembly. Additionally to the end user machinery, in this system there is a variety of other component present, in which call processing, gateways call managing, firewalls, router and protocols (Varshney ,2002,pp.89-96).Mostly in the component have analog used in data networking. But as far as performance demand of VOIP is concerned, the hardware and ordinary network based software should implement with a special component of VOIP. High performance is a requirement of VOIP as compare to the other data system; some demanding services like the particular 911(emergency )can beappropriate . One of the most confused parts for the newer to VOIP is that assumption about digital voice travel in a packet form, similar to other data, since tools and existing network architecture can easily use without incorporating any change .Lamentably, some complexity can come to network technology due to VOIP. All these issues are aggravated by security consideration (, 2016,p.n.d).
Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1 : (Voice over IP architecture)
Source : (, 2016).
(QoS) is also refer as “Quality of service”. It is an essential for the manipulation of VOIP network that is stand on the user expectation according to its quality level. Unfortunately, the exertion and implementation of different security related measures can become the reason of devaluation in QoS. All these complications ranging from blocking call or firewalls delaying to the delay variation and encryption produced latency. Because of VOIP time demanding feature and its low tolerance level that become cause of coming interruption at that time packet start to loss.All those security network which is very easy to designed and operate in other network are not so much effective when it comes to VOIP . Currently used system utilized a “ proprietary protocol” or one of these two protocol that are Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and H.323.Moreover, SIP assumes to be gaining so much appreciation in term of more number of users , these protocol has not so much popular in the commercial area earlier, so it is obvious just to collaborate the supportive component. Additionally “MGCP and Megaco/H.248”, it can either utilize for larger distribution for the decomposition of a gateway (Mehta and Udani, 2001,pp.36-40).These entire standards are used to implementation without any complicated designing and technology , it is not as comlex as today phones that are joined to a PBX utilizing “stimulus protocol”(Davidson, 2006,p.n.d)
Voice Over Ip Equipment
VOIP can simply take the broad variety of forms. Similarly, any computer has the capability to provide VOIP. Microsoft NetMeeting that comes with window-based platform also facilitate VOIP services, similarly Linux platform and Apple Macintosh iChat have various numbers of VOIP based applications. The term is interlinked with tools that have capability and facility to dial phone and starts communication with another user on other side of the communication and for a particular user who either used VOIP system or a dialup telephone line .Popularity and more number of users of VOIP has resulted from a manufacturing of varies range of product, including:
Dialup Handset
Mainly traditional telephone set has more extra feature chose apart from a simple dial pad based handset. Many of the set have the small screen of LCD that provides a facility of internet browsing, telephone index, instant messaging.That is used during configuration of handset for providing access to advanced feature in which conference call and call-park includes (call-park is the service of automatic call back when a dial number is free the from busy line).Base station is present for the particular users that is being designed to facilaitae the user by providing similar services as found in traditionally used cordless phone (Erekson,2006, p.234).
Conferencing Units
The service of conferencing units is similar as of conventional calling service of a phone system, through the internet, that allow customer to correlate and distinct the telecommunication services that display on the two ends of the computer monitor.
Mobile Units
Wireless VOIP are becoming very popular. But wireless VOIP based product incorporate several big issues if security issue donot deal with care. Our project, we are utilizing similar wireless Voice over IP or Voice Finder (broadcasting system)
Cost saving potential is the most attracted feature of Voice over IP that draws attentions to the people by switching away from “ Public switched network” since more distance occurring calls relatively is of low cost (Thornton,2002,p.n.d) . Rather operate and monitor across the switchboard and localized commercialized telecommunication based line configuration. (Pujolle, n.d, pp.383-416).
VOIP is a low cost solution as because it has capability to concise the complete traffic ( phone and data ) and make it precise to the single network .But for it there is a pre-defined staetup cost user have to pay ,but still complete saving in term of quality and effectiveness .It provide ease for managing and maintaining the network in that case we have to manage a single network rather maintain endowment telephone system in rapidly increasing digitized centered world (Kamimura,2005 ,pp.429-444).And the network administrator burden start to decline as become concise in a single network.furhermore no complex team structure and voice traffic handling capability required for the monitoring and controlling of network VOIP system is completely advanced setup, but here we shall observe, it is necessary to mention that assimilation of security issues and its architecture is very much complicated to deal.
Speed And Quality
Theoretically, it provides lesser bandwidth and more improve quality remarkable to its antecedent, the “PSTN”. The usage of high bandwidth linked with improvement in feature of digital voice, make it appropriate for the purpose of speech communication. Practically, it is more complex in nature . Making network concise on to a single network becomes the cause of bottleneck and sending of the traffic over the internet become the reason of remarkable and noticeable delay in delivering of speech (Sered and Dallard ,2003,p.n.d).As well as the use of bandwidth is directly related to the codec based digitization of voice. Production of greater bandwidth savings can become the reason of lowering the rate of encoding and transmission processes particularly .But the advantage is it provides improvement in term of speed and voice quality.
Fig2: (Voice Data Processing in a VOIP system)
Source: (“D. Richard Kuhn, Thomas J. Walsh, Steffen Fries”, 2008
Voice Over Ip Security Issues
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