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The Impact of Globalization of on the Growth of The Chinese Ecomony (Dissertat. Methodology Sample)


Write a dissertation chapter following the criteria uploaded making sure you cover the following areas: research philosophy, approach, strategy, data collection methods, sampling strategy and data analysis methods


This section provides the experiential approach to the research study where the research design, population, sample, research instruments, and data analysis techniques to be employed are explored. The ultimate aim of this chapter is to provide the blueprint of the entire research process where data collection techniques to be adopted in this study are presented.
Research Design
The research design defines the blueprint of the entire study where research paradigms adopted are explored (Saunders et al 2009). Particularly, the research design establishes the research philosophy, approach, strategy, time horizons and data collection techniques employed (as shown in the following figure).
The Research Onion

Source: Saunders et al (2009, p. 108).
The Research Philosophy
According to Creswell (2008), research philosophy can be demonstrated in terms of epistemology or ontology. Epistemology comprises of acceptable knowledge in a particular field of knowledge where interpretivism and positivism philosophical paradigms are pertinent, whereas ontology is based on nature related knowledge (Marczyk 2005). Based on the nature of the research topic, positivism philosophy will be adopted. With positivism philosophical paradigm focusing on the establishment of ‘how we know something’, it is considered to be the most suitable for this study.
Research Approach
A research study is approached either deductively or inductively. Inductive research approach involves the establishment of general premises based on the specific findings on the research phenomena, whereas deductive research approach involves drawing of conclusions based on the general findings using logical premises (Marczyk 2005; Saunders et al 2007). Since this study focuses on the impact of globalization on the Chinese economy, deductive research approach is considered to be most effective for this research.
Research Strategy
Research strategies include case studies, surveys, experiments, archival researches, grounded theory and action researches (Saunders et al 2009). This study will adopt survey strategy to mobilize primary data. Since surveys are simple and easy to administer, time saving will be realized when the research uses survey strategy in this strategy.
Time Horizons
Time horizons define the aspect of the research literature incorporated in any research study. There are two major time horizons which includes cross-sectional and longitudinal time horizons. Cross-sectional time horizon involves study literatures that are bound within a particular limited time frame, while longitudinal time horizon are not limited to certain time frame and data collection is done over a long period (Bryman & Bell 2007). Since this study is time-limited, cross-sectional time horizon will be adopted in the data collection.
Target Population and Sampling Procedures
The target population for this study will comprise of all trade partners of China. As such, the population covered will include investors from various parts of the world who conduct business in China through either foreign direct investment or exporting/importing. In selecting the participants, this study will employ stratified random sampling where the business partners to China will be categorized on their nature of their business and length of period of their operations in the country. This strategy is considered to be the most effective for this study as does not involve any form of bias, and hence the data will be of high reliability (Lohr 2009).
Since to perform stratified random sampling sample frame is required, this research’s sampling frame will constitute all countries trading with China. Additionally, the study will make use of strata/cluster sampling. This is because the population chosen is too large. For that reason, it is prudent to sub-divide this population in to clusters. Subsequently, units within the strata/clusters will be randomly selected.
Data Collection
Researchers collect either Primary or secondary data. Nevertheless most research studies tend to employ both types of data; hence using a mixed method of data collection. Primary data is information that has not been documented (DeVaus 2001). Secondary data, on the other hand, is information that has been summarized and documented by other researchers. Since the research topic is too broad to be covered using single data collection method, both secondary and primary data will be employed in this study, thus mixed research method will be adopted.
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