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Literature: Write a Poem About Freedom (Dissertation Review Sample)


write a poem about freedom


Poem about Freedom
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I had freedom.
I was eating, I was sleeping,
I was laughing, I was crying,
I was walking, I was driving,
I was free,
I had family, I had friends,
I was friendly, I made amends,
I worked daily, I beat the odds and ends,
I had freedom,
I needed money to purchase gas for my car,
I needed to pay rent or watch my house from a far,
I needed to buy food, or have to do only with cigar,
I did not have freedom,
I watched my friends climb to high places,
I stayed behind coz there weren’t enough chances,
I found I have few, almost no other choices,
I did not have freedom,
I lost my job to someone with more experience,
I lost potential chances to others with not as much experience,
Because I had no money to gain assistance,
I did not have freedom,
My wife said she could no longer take it,
The situation she faced made her want to quit,
She packed her bags and took the kids and that was it,
I did not have freedom,
I sold my clothes to pay for the car,
I sold the car to pay for the house,
I sold the house to pay for my food,
I did not have freedom,
I found myself in the street,
I knew I would never again eat meat,
The place I lay was also my seat,
I did not hav...
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