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Efforts of the American Revolution to Bring Democracy in the Society (Dissertation Review Sample)


Essay 1 Topic 
For this assignment, you will write a 750-1000 word essay that answers the question below.
This paper must be computer-generated, double-spaced, with standard one-inch margins and 12 pt. font (Times New Roman).
read chapter four in Thinking Through the Past use the chapter’s primary sources as evidence to support your interpretation of the following question: 
Was the American Revolution solely a struggle for independence from Britain, or did it also involve efforts to make American society more democratic?

Efforts of the American Revolution to bring democracy in the Society
The struggle that Americans endured during the American Revolution is translated back to being in vain since America only gained democracy in words but not in actions. Historians and detailed evidence prove the point that American Revolution was solely the struggle to liberate America from the colonial British only. After the independence of America in 1781 reforms to make the American society democratic have slugged down ends are barely present. There is no pride in a so-called democratic America that is filled with capitalism, political fascism and plutocracy. For this paper the argument is that American Revolution was only a struggle from Britain and did not involve anything to do with making the American society more democratic.
The first element in any democratic society is equality for all people despite their religion, race of sex. That is not the case that happened in America after the revolution war. Harriet Jacobs writes that she was born a slave (5). The fact that Jacobs was born 32 years after the American Revolution war was over did not exempt hers from being a slave. Later in the war against slavery in Americas was abolished in 1865 a century after the revolution war which leaves out the question of how democratic is the American society. The aspect of being born a slave is a demeaning societal affiliation and by all means needed eradication once and for all after the American Revolution war but that clearly shows that America only wanted independence from Britain and nothing more. In a democratic society, people are treated with dignity and respect unlike the case we see in the Americans society today. Racial bias and segregation is the tone of any American colored person which makes the aspect of American democracy to be in questionable. Harriet Jacobs argues that she was taken herself as a property of her slave master which is clearly the opposite of what the American Revolution fought to achieve (6).
Democracy means a “rule of people by people” which in all aspects defy the current state of American society. Today the wealthy bureaucratic 1% of America’s population are the ones responsible for passing motions and making decisions on behalf of America. The 1% called the American elite are not the majority hence they make and enforce public policies which makes America by definition not being democratic. Harriet Jacobs argues that “wealth called for no account, not even murder” (58). The American society is divided in terms of wealth that make social classes. The American Revolution was believed to a fight against the tyrannical British master but even after independence the tyrannical regime continued. In colonial America, British elites owned plantations and industries but after the American Revolution the American elites took over. The shift shows no interests of the American Revolution bringing any democracy in the American society but rather freeing themselves so that they can continue the tyrannical regime. To prove this aspect we look back at the American wealth history where the top 1% of the American elite were slave holders and owned plantations in the 17th century. Today the 1% is owing businesses and industrial mystic in America. The trend before the American Revolution and after the revolution has not changed making it a clear depiction of America wanting to liberate themselves from the British rule but not to enforce democracy in the society.
The basic human right in any democratic society is equal rights for all. Rights to life, rights to vote and select new leaders and right for freedom of expression. In America today the voting rights has achieved the least course of equality by allowing women and colored people to vote. But the terrain waited until 1925 for women to be allowed to vote and until 1965 for African-Americans to be allowed to vote. Again a century after century after the abolishment of slavery and equal women rights that’s people are allowed to exercise their r...
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