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Ethnography and Consumer Behavior (Dissertation Sample)


Task was done with proper SPSS analysis. Failure and success of products in UK is depicted. references is more than 80 as per the requirement.


This entire research has focused on ethnography and ever changing consumer behavior of including the entire world. Under this dissertation five chapters are included to complete this overall analysis. At first chapter an overview has been given on this research aim, research objective, issues and so on. Under 2nd chapter a brief literature review has done to focus relevant theories, models and different approaches of that topic. Under 3rd chapter, the researcher has discussed on some research approaches, philosophies, methods, ethics based on Saunders prescribed ‘research onion’. Under 4th chapter, an analysis has been done on collected data and identifies required findings. Under 5th chapter an overall conclusion has been given on that research performance. Some recommendations have also given into that chapter. At the last chapter of this dissertation a development plan and reflective assessment has given. Under this dissertation, the researcher has focused key areas where any organization needs to be focused. A brief research in marketing system will help organizations to set plan for raising their sales growth by satisfying target customers. This research will help to know more about consumer characteristics. Why, when, how and for what reason they prefer one brand and reject another brand. It will introduce them with alternative way outs to improve their market size and profit percentage. This study shows that decision of purchasing can be changed due to consumer desire, their societal status, and financial capacity and so on. This study shows that rapid growth in technology, global recession, availability of products, increasing demand is changing the buying nature of consumers. This study shows that every organization needs to understand their target customer’s first. The aim of the project assignment is to providing the first hand information about the risk factors of the marketing of the products. The project assignment will help the companies to realise the different aspects of the consumer behavior. The objective of the project assignment will help the companies to survive in upcoming future. . The project will give the scope the readers to critically evaluate the significance of ethnography .The risk factors will be described in a detail manner. For making the strategies for better business the project assignment will help the companies in a great manner. The acceptance and the rejection theories of the products will be described in a detailed manner. The anthropological studies will be greatly contributed by the project assignment. The project assignment will enhance the study of the social science. The psychological behaviors of the customers could be analyzed easily by the help of the project assignment. The communication with the different cultures and communities will be beneficial for the marketing of the products. This will be helpful for the business related educations. The study of the project assignment will help the students to understand the psychoanalytic approach of the customers.
I keen to show my gratitude of concerned faculties of my department for giving me a chance to do a research on this major topic. On other hand, continuous encouragement and gratitude of my team leader also help me to reach every important aspect of this project utterly. I also show my gratefulness to my departmental head for allowing me to continue with this project. I also want to thank other involved person who helped me to complete this research performance by providing appropriate information, their suggestion, support and motivation during research process. At the end, I also wish to thank my friends and family members who have provided their assistance indirectly or directly for completing my research work successfully.
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Chapter 1: Introduction PAGEREF _Toc2006568 \h 101.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc2006569 \h 101.2 Background of the study PAGEREF _Toc2006570 \h 111.3 Rationale PAGEREF _Toc2006571 \h 121.4 Purpose of the study PAGEREF _Toc2006572 \h 131.5 Aim of the research PAGEREF _Toc2006573 \h 141.6 Objective of the research PAGEREF _Toc2006574 \h 141.7 Research Questions PAGEREF _Toc2006575 \h 141.8 Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc2006576 \h 151.9 Structure of the research PAGEREF _Toc2006577 \h 15Chapter 2 Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc2006578 \h 162.0 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc2006579 \h 162.1 Background PAGEREF _Toc2006580 \h 162.2 Theories or models PAGEREF _Toc2006581 \h 202.3 Concept of Ethnography and Consumer Behavior PAGEREF _Toc2006582 \h 252.4 Importance Ethnography and consumer behavior PAGEREF _Toc2006583 \h 262.5 Price of products affect customer behavior PAGEREF _Toc2006584 \h 282.6 Quality of products affects customer behavior PAGEREF _Toc2006585 \h 292.7 Social factors in customer behavior PAGEREF _Toc2006586 \h 302.8 Effect of availability of products on customer behavior PAGEREF _Toc2006587 \h 312.9 Economical division and the age group of customers PAGEREF _Toc2006588 \h 312.10 Evaluation of customer behaviour PAGEREF _Toc2006589 \h 322.11 Gap of the literature PAGEREF _Toc2006590 \h 342.12 Conceptual framework PAGEREF _Toc2006591 \h 352.13 Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc2006592 \h 36Chapter 3: Methodology PAGEREF _Toc2006593 \h 373.0- Introduction PAGEREF _Toc2006594 \h 373.1- Method Outline PAGEREF _Toc2006595 \h 373.2- Research Onion PAGEREF _Toc2006596 \h 393.3 Research Philosophy PAGEREF _Toc2006597 \h 403.4- Research Approach PAGEREF _Toc2006598 \h 413.5- Research Design PAGEREF _Toc2006599 \h 433.6- Research Strategy PAGEREF _Toc2006600 \h 443.7- Research Method PAGEREF _Toc2006601 \h 453.8- Research technique PAGEREF _Toc2006602 \h 453.9- Data Collection Method PAGEREF _Toc2006603 \h 453.10- Research Validity PAGEREF _Toc2006604 \h 463.11- Research Ethics PAGEREF _Toc2006605 \h 463.12- Research Limitations PAGEREF _Toc2006606 \h 473.13- Time Horizon PAGEREF _Toc2006607 \h 473.14- Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc2006608 \h 48Chapter 4: Analysis and discussion PAGEREF _Toc2006609 \h 494.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc2006610 \h 494.2 Findings and analysis PAGEREF _Toc2006611 \h 494.3 Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc2006612 \h 87Chapter 5: Conclusion and recommendation PAGEREF _Toc2006613 \h 895.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc2006614 \h 895.2 Linking with objectives PAGEREF _Toc2006615 \h 895.3 Future Scopes PAGEREF _Toc2006616 \h 935.4 Limitation PAGEREF _Toc2006617 \h 945.5 Recommendation PAGEREF _Toc2006618 \h 955.6 Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc2006619 \h 97Reference list PAGEREF _Toc2006620 \h 98Appendices PAGEREF _Toc2006621 \h 110
List of tables
TOC \h \z \t "Heading 5" \c Table 1: Deductive Vs. Inductive PAGEREF _Toc2006728 \h 42
Table 2: Effect of price and quality PAGEREF _Toc2006729 \h 51
Table 3: Brand origin relation with other factors PAGEREF _Toc2006730 \h 55
Table 4: Phone devices shipped in Q2 in 2018 PAGEREF _Toc2006731 \h 58
Table 5: market share of different brands PAGEREF _Toc2006732 \h 62
Table 6: Consumption rate of Coffee PAGEREF _Toc2006733 \h 66
Table 7: Sale revenue in 2017 PAGEREF _Toc2006734 \h 69
Table 8: Smart phone operating system used PAGEREF _Toc2006735 \h 73
Table 9: Annual revenue of Apple, Samsung, LG, Lenovo and ZTE PAGEREF _Toc2006736 \h 78
Table 10: IOS in different countries PAGEREF _Toc2006737 \h 81
Table 11: Samsung, Nokia, Micromax, Karbonn, Apple sales in 2013 PAGEREF _Toc2006738 \h 85
List of figures
TOC \h \z \t "Heading 4" \c Fig 1: Research framework PAGEREF _Toc2006840 \h 16
Fig 2: theories surrounding Consumer behavior PAGEREF _Toc2006841 \h 19
Fig 3: Important factors of consumer behavior PAGEREF _Toc2006842 \h 20
Fig 4: Psychoanalytic Model PAGEREF _Toc2006843 \h 22
Fig 5: Economic Model PAGEREF _Toc2006844 \h 23
Fig 6: Psychological Model PAGEREF _Toc2006845 \h 24
Fig 7: Sociocultural Model PAGEREF _Toc2006846 \h 25
Fig 8: Consumer Behavior PAGEREF _Toc2006847 \h 27
Fig 9: Factors considered for maintaining quality of product PAGEREF _Toc2006848 \h 31
Fig 10: The evaluation of the consumer behavior PAGEREF _Toc2006849 \h 35
Fig 11: Conceptual framework PAGEREF _Toc2006850 \h 36
Fig 10: Research onion PAGEREF _Toc2006851 \h 40
Fig 11: Research Philosophy PAGEREF _Toc2006852 \h 42
Fig 12: Research Approach PAGEREF _Toc2006853 \h 44
Fig 13: Research Design PAGEREF _Toc2006854 \h 45
Fig 14: Time Horizon PAGEREF _Toc2006855 \h 49
Fig 15: Price and quality affect PAGEREF _Toc2006856 \h 53
Fig 16: Relation between brand origin and other factors PAGEREF _Toc2006857 \h 57
Fig 17: Phone devices 2Q18 sold of various brands PAGEREF _Toc2006858 \h 60
Fig 19: Consumption rate of coffee in different countries PAGEREF _Toc2006859 \h 68
Fig 20: Sale revenue graphs of different smart phone brands PAGEREF _Toc2006860 \h 72
Fig 21: OS used in smart phones PAGEREF _Toc2006861 \h 76
Fig 22: Annual revenue of brand graphs PAGEREF _Toc2006862 \h 80
Fig 23: Graphs representing IOS use in different countries PAGEREF _Toc2006863 \h 84
Fig 24: Samsung, Nokia, Micromax, Karbonn, Apple sale graphs of 2013 PAGEREF _Toc2006864 \h 87
Fig 25: Rate of interest of Bank of London PAGEREF _Toc2006865 \h 92
Fig 26: Business investment rate PAGEREF _Toc2006866 \h 92
Fig 27: recommended strategies for the unsuccessful brands PAGEREF _Toc2006867 \h 94
Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Introduction
This entire research has focused on ...

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