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The Electronics Industry: Supply Chain Collaboration On Product Design (Dissertation Sample)


This was a dissertation on the following topic
A study of the impact of supply chain collaboration on product design and development in the electronics industry.

A STUDY OF THE IMPACT OF SUPPLY CHAIN COLLABORATION ON PRODUCT DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT IN ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY Abstract This research is based on the product design and collaboration of suppliers by focusing on the Samsung, a giant in the electronics industry in the UK. From the introduction chapter background of the research and organisation has been identified. This helped the researcher to develop a valid aim for this research, which assisted the researcher to develop objectives and research questions of the study. The literature review chapter has dealt with a proper discussion on the supplier collaboration, its impact and the significance of product design in various contexts. It is observed that supplier collaboration helps an organisation to become beneficial in a various way. On another hand, ambidextrous nature, application of VSM and implication of 3D printing technology in product design and development has been found. Besides these, multiple theories and models have been discussed by referring prior scholars in the literature. In addition, the gap in literature helped the researcher to increase the quality of the findings. Discussions of research methodology have helped to develop a proper idea regarding the framework that has been taken for completing this research. Furthermore, research philosophy, approach, design and data collection procedure has been discussed in this segment. Besides this, a timeline of the project has been scheduled in this chapter. Data findings and analysis chapter of this dissertation can be considered as a major part as in this section, thematic analysis of the asked interviews has been discussed. The researcher has developed five themes that can be applied to product design, development and supplier collaboration. In the final chapter of this research paper, developed objectives have been linked accordingly. In addition, recommendations to improve the supplier collaboration strategy have been given, which can be considered by the management of Samsung. Acknowledgement It provides me greatest satisfaction to make the final submission of the research that focuses on “A Study of the Impact of Supply Chain Collaboration on Product Design and Development in Electronics Industry”. I am grateful to various fellow members behind the successful completion of this research. I would like to express thanks to the number of people who have guided me in preparing this research. I would like to thank my higher authority since without their guidance my project work would not have been achievable. I would also like to thank my peer group members. I would also like to show my appreciation towards the respondents of the interviews, whose cooperation has helped me to incorporate data collection effectively and efficiently. Thank you, Table of Contents TOC \h \z \t "Heading 1" \c 1.0 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc519179409 \h 9 1.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc519179410 \h 9 1.2 Background PAGEREF _Toc519179411 \h 9 1.2.1 Background of the organization PAGEREF _Toc519179412 \h 10 1.3 Rationale of the Research PAGEREF _Toc519179413 \h 10 1.4 Research Aim PAGEREF _Toc519179414 \h 11 1.5 Research Objectives PAGEREF _Toc519179415 \h 11 1.6 Research Questions PAGEREF _Toc519179416 \h 12 1.7 Significance of the Research PAGEREF _Toc519179417 \h 12 1.8 Structure of the Research PAGEREF _Toc519179418 \h 13 1.9 Summary PAGEREF _Toc519179419 \h 13 2.0 Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc519179420 \h 14 2.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc519179421 \h 14 2.2 Concept of Supply Chain Collaboration PAGEREF _Toc519179422 \h 14 2.3 Impact of supply chain collaboration PAGEREF _Toc519179423 \h 18 2.4 Product design and development in the electronics industry PAGEREF _Toc519179424 \h 22 2.5 Issues Related to Product Design and Development in Electronics Industry PAGEREF _Toc519179425 \h 25 2.6 Impact of Supply Chain Collaboration on Product Design and Development In Electronics Industry PAGEREF _Toc519179426 \h 28 2.7 Theoretical Perspective PAGEREF _Toc519179427 \h 31 2.8 Gap in literature PAGEREF _Toc519179428 \h 33 2.9 Conceptual Framework PAGEREF _Toc519179429 \h 34 2.10 Summary PAGEREF _Toc519179430 \h 35 3.0 Research Methodology PAGEREF _Toc519179431 \h 36 3.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc519179432 \h 36 3.2 Research philosophy PAGEREF _Toc519179433 \h 36 3.3 Research approach PAGEREF _Toc519179434 \h 36 3.4 Research design PAGEREF _Toc519179435 \h 37 3.5 Data type PAGEREF _Toc519179436 \h 37 3.6 Data collection tools PAGEREF _Toc519179437 \h 38 3.7 Sampling technique-simple random sampling PAGEREF _Toc519179438 \h 38 3.8 Population and sample size PAGEREF _Toc519179439 \h 38 3.9 Ethical issue PAGEREF _Toc519179440 \h 38 3.10 Research limitations PAGEREF _Toc519179441 \h 39 3.11 Timeline PAGEREF _Toc519179442 \h 39 3.12 Summary PAGEREF _Toc519179443 \h 39 4.0 Data Analysis and Findings PAGEREF _Toc519179444 \h 40 4.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc519179445 \h 40 4.2 Analysis PAGEREF _Toc519179446 \h 40 4.3 Discussion PAGEREF _Toc519179447 \h 47 4.4 Summary PAGEREF _Toc519179448 \h 50 5.0 Conclusion, Recommendation and future scope of the study PAGEREF _Toc519179449 \h 51 5.1 Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc519179450 \h 51 5.2 Objectives linking PAGEREF _Toc519179451 \h 53 Reference List PAGEREF _Toc519179452 \h 58 Appendices PAGEREF _Toc519179453 \h 64 List of Figures TOC \h \z \t "Heading 2" \c Figure 1.8.1 Structure of the Research PAGEREF _Toc519172905 \h 11 Figure 2.7.1 Model of Supply Chain Relationship PAGEREF _Toc519172912 \h 28 List of Tables TOC \h \z \t "Heading 3" \c Table 4.1: Responses to the interview questions PAGEREF _Toc519172917 \h 41 Table 5.1: Strategy to adopt a demand-driven approach PAGEREF _Toc519172918 \h 49 Table 5.2: Strategy to implicate gradual planning PAGEREF _Toc519172919 \h 49 Table 5.3: Strategy for supply chain alignment PAGEREF _Toc519172920 \h 50 Table 5.4: Strategy to include sustainability in supply chain activities PAGEREF _Toc519172921 \h 51 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Introduction A proper supply chain of an organization contributes to reducing the cost of the organization and to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the production cycle. The competitive nature of the market has forced the business organizations to work in collaboration. The research is based on the impacts of supply chain collaboration on product design and development in the electronic industry. 1.2 Background The supply chain of an organization is the network system between its suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, retailers, customers, which helps the organization to produce the products and services and to distribute them to the end customers. Supply chain management is a critical part of the organizational management process as it involves all the stakeholders of the organization. Globalization of the business sector has expanded the operating area of the business organizations. The organizations tend to operate in foreign countries to increase the profit margins. Globalization has also contributed to the competition in the business market. Technological advancement has introduced many innovative types of equipment, infrastructure, and ideas to improve and modify the existing business strategies. The business organizations continuously modify their business strategies and production processes to improve the outcomes. In addition, the need and demands of the customers are ever changing. The desire and wants of the customers have changed over the time along with the changes in global socio-economic conditions. All these factors have affected the global business market in several ways. Working in collaboration is beneficial for the organizations as it enables the firms to use the mutual resources, to take mutual decisions and to achieve mutual objectives (, 2017). It is also beneficial for the organizations, as it promotes innovative ideas for product design and development. Supply chain collaboration involves sharing information, materials, and resources among the members of the collaboration. Working as a team increases the efficiency of the business organizations in satisfying the needs of the customers as well as the profit margin of the organizations. 1.2.1 Background of the organization Samsung is a global business organization, which was founded in the year 1938. The headquarters of the company is located in the capital city of South Korea, Seoul (, 2018). The products of the company include apparel, electronic components, telecommunication equipment, automotive and home appliances. As per the statistics of the year 2014, the number of employees of the company is around four million and ninety thousand. 1.3 Rationale of the Research A proper supply chain is very important for sustaining any business. Lack of supply chain can affect the availability of raw materials, manufacturing processes, delivering products and services to the end customers in a negative way. Product design and development processes have always been a crucial aspect of any business organization as it is important for satisfying the ever-changing demand of the customers. For the long-term success of an organization modifying the products and services according to the existing situation is very important. The impacts of supply chain collaboration on product design and development processes of a firm are important to understand to enhance the organizational performance. Due to the globalization of the business market, the competitiveness of the market has increased significantly. Hence, the collaboration between the business firms has become more important for surviving in the global market. The research has identified the impacts of supply chain collaboration on product design and development processes and has provided suitable strategies for facilitating supply chain collaboration within a firm. The study has tried to show that supply chain ...
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