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Structural Approach of Building Conservation in Hong Kong (Dissertation Sample)


Conservation of historical building in hong kong


Building Conservation in Hong Kong
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The need to save the design legacy of culture and historical esteem is getting increasingly noteworthy. In the meantime, it is critical to creating environment dynamically to maintain life exercises as a rule. The study looks at revitalization technique with the reason to save and re-establish historical monuments of interest, which appoint another capacity – to expand and alter historical structures to current prerequisites. The tasks of past structures in Hong Kong were considered as cases thus revitalization was displayed as a strategy for how to change over the life-managing environment with regards to protection and advancement concerning the social estimation of recorded structures.
Different necessities of contemporary society and developing cognizance of incredible estimation of structural legacy underscore the significance of renewal as a method for safeguarding yet in the meantime its initiation with regards to economic advancement. New, creative methods of dynamic conservation and conserving of architectural legacy are produced. As there is no all inclusive equation for an aimed consideration and assessment of constantly debated association and a combination of old and new, the requirement for that general discernment is premise and inspiration for further research. The point of research in techniques and last visual results of renewal is that "visual externalization ought to be the last outcome. Assessment of visual criticalness of surrounding is a consequence of intertwining of target criteria, utilitarian association, and innovative design.
Building Conservation in Hong Kong
Structural Approach of Building Conservation in Hong Kong
“Old mental hospital Street”
Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc473620073 \h 2Building Conservation in Hong Kong PAGEREF _Toc473620074 \h 3Structural Approach of Building Conservation in Hong Kong PAGEREF _Toc473620075 \h 4CHAPTER: ONE PAGEREF _Toc473620076 \h 81.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc473620077 \h 81.2 Background of the study PAGEREF _Toc473620078 \h 91.3 Objectives of the study PAGEREF _Toc473620079 \h 101.4 limitation of the study PAGEREF _Toc473620080 \h 101.5 General guidelines of conservation PAGEREF _Toc473620081 \h 101.6 Development of conservation PAGEREF _Toc473620082 \h 121.7 Conservation Processes and Plan PAGEREF _Toc473620083 \h 131.8 Cases of conservation work in Hong Kong PAGEREF _Toc473620084 \h 141.9 The Administrative Structure and Policy PAGEREF _Toc473620085 \h 161.1.1 Revitalization Basic principles PAGEREF _Toc473620086 \h 171.1.2 Evaluating system of Historical Structures and Announced Monuments PAGEREF _Toc473620087 \h 181.1.3 Announced monuments PAGEREF _Toc473620088 \h 181.1.4 Three-tier Evaluating System PAGEREF _Toc473620089 \h 181.1.5 Deemed monuments PAGEREF _Toc473620090 \h 191.1.6 Conservation of privately owned antique structures PAGEREF _Toc473620091 \h 201.1.7 Challenges of Building conservation PAGEREF _Toc473620092 \h 201.1.8 Conservation in Hong Kong PAGEREF _Toc473620093 \h 21CHAPTER: TWO PAGEREF _Toc473620094 \h 242.1 Stages of Reconstructing and Restoring Of Historic Buildings PAGEREF _Toc473620095 \h 242.1.0 Phase one – assessing the current situation PAGEREF _Toc473620096 \h 242.1.1 Field assessment for buildings PAGEREF _Toc473620097 \h 242.1.2 Providing houses for the homeless PAGEREF _Toc473620098 \h 252.1.3 Maintain what is believed to be necessary before damages increase PAGEREF _Toc473620099 \h 252.1.4 Public participation and documentation PAGEREF _Toc473620100 \h 262.1.5 Preparation of a reviving plan PAGEREF _Toc473620101 \h 262.1.6 Database preparation for the archeological buildings PAGEREF _Toc473620102 \h 282.2 Phase Two - Redevelopment and Reclamation PAGEREF _Toc473620103 \h 282.3 Remaking and Reclamation Deterrents in Hong Kong PAGEREF _Toc473620104 \h 292.4 Outcomes and Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc473620105 \h 30CHAPTER: THREE PAGEREF _Toc473620106 \h 323.1 Case study: Old Mental Hospital in Say Ying Pun PAGEREF _Toc473620107 \h 323.2 Colonial engineering PAGEREF _Toc473620108 \h 323.3 Difficulties to conservation PAGEREF _Toc473620109 \h 343.4 Rejuvenating an area PAGEREF _Toc473620110 \h 353.5 Case study: Reconstruction and Redevelopment of Old Murray House PAGEREF _Toc473620111 \h 38Projected monuments PAGEREF _Toc473620112 \h 413.6 Case study of Hoh Fok Tong Centre PAGEREF _Toc473620113 \h 423.7 Case Study of Old Tai Po Police Station PAGEREF _Toc473620114 \h 43Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc473620115 \h 44Bibliography PAGEREF _Toc473620116 \h 46
1.1 Introduction
Hong Kong is a noteworthy global business city, and exchanging post between the Occident and the Orient, the west and the east. The city is renowned for the gathering of skyscrapers. Critical architects with structures in Honk Kong incorporate I M Pei, Foster + Partners, Terry Farrell and Cesar Pelli. The tallest working in the city at present is the 2 IFC tower. Embraced Hong Kong engineering incorporates the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Building, Bank of China tower and. Hong Kong has changed in the past centuries to an economic hub in Asia from a small fishing settlement. The history of Hong Kong can be traced back from 6 millenniums years ago. Along these lines, historic structures can be found in almost every region in Hong Kong. Nonetheless, the presence of peculiar rough terrain and the vast populace in Hong Kong, space of development is to a great degree restricted. Given this duration of time, numerous authentic legacies are abandoned. There is a solid financial interest for fast and extraordinary urban advancement (Chen, 2002). The high populace thickness prompts the exploration of more land and improvement of all the more elevated structures. Unfortunately, numerous old structures involving potential locales of business development are viewed as hindrances and must be pulverized, regardless of the recorded hugeness and engineering excellence.[]
Conservation of historical structures and cultures possessions is about legitimacy, and the standards overseeing preservation have taken hundreds of years of ethical, artistic and specialized advanced to explain. Building conservation needs particular ability and care in light of the fact that notable landmarks are an important and priceless legacy of our way of life that once lost or harmed cannot be supplanted (Doratli, 2000). This study looks at the structural approach of building conservation in Hong Kong.[]
1.2 Background of the Study
From its start as a little city to its present status as global trade, Hong Kong has encountered incalculable changes in its city scene. During the 1960s, Hong Kong's fast increment in populace prompted to a lack of land supply and quickened the pace of urban improvement. As neither the Government nor the general population of Hong Kong had any desires for legacy protection around then, they tended to quantify the personal satisfaction in financial and material terms.Under these conditions, numerous structures with noteworthy esteem and character this study looks at the structural approach of building conservation in Hong Kong looking at the case study of Old Mental Hospital Street and old Murray Building and Hong Kong in general. Also, the land has dependably been an essential factor in Hong Kong, and its costs have dependably been high. These elements have impeded the protection of memorable structures.
As of late, the general population has been progressively mindful of the issue of the redevelopment and demolition of memorable structures. Heritage preservation has turned into an interesting issue. The buying of Kom Tong Hall by the Administration, the safeguarding of the Central Police Station Compound and the require the insurance of the Star Ferry dock and Queen's Pier, mirror a developing worry of the general population here. In addition a concern toward the association amongst structures and communal groups and having local uniqueness. Currently, the general population of Hong Kong are worried about monetary outcomes, as well as interest for a city life of value and hence ache for the conservation of these noteworthy structures.
1.3 Objectives of the study
* The procurement and rebuilding of structures of historical and architecture importance in Hong Kong and their resulting safe discharge.
* Advance and support for opportunities that cultivate monetary independence, leadership improvement, and availability to key historical resources for Hong Kong inhabitants.
* To show created bearable walkable neighborhoods that enhance personal satisfaction and reinforce associations with key community assets in Hong Kong.
* Identification of restoration and creation of green space for occupants in Hong Kong and targeted neighborhoods.
1.4 Limitation of the Study
* Lack of information about the most of the conserved building
* Unverifiable information of the building
* Lack of contact information of the architects who revitalized the buildings
1.5 General guidelines for conservation
The idea of a notable landmark is defined to grasp the single building work as well as the urban or rustic location in which is situated the proof of a specific human advancement, a huge advancement or a historical occurrence. The point of safeguarding is to hold and defend the social significances of an area with an unwavering appreciation of the current material: the past, physical and artistic reliability of the social possessions.
The fundamental standards and points of preservation are that historical construction has an exceptional communication from its maker, and in this way, its unique appearance and structure must not be adjusted or misrepresented. The considerable structures of the past do not have a place with us just, they have had a place wi...
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