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Dissertation: How Social Media affects Today's Creativity (Dissertation Sample)


Write the outline of a dissertation in the simplest way possible


Dissertation: How Social Media affects Today's Creativity
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Dissertation: How Social Media affects Today's Creativity
Of all the essays students write in their college years, writing a dissertation is the most challenging, yet the most vital. This is the final paper students have to write before awarded their various degrees. Unless the institution accepts it, a person will not be able to graduate. The English Dictionary defines a dissertation a “substantial paper that is typically based on original research and that gives evidence of the researcher’s mastery both of the subject and of scholarly method”. In other words, it is a formal, academic paper that needs a lot of time, hard work, and dedication to successful completion.
Dissertations are usually organised into three sections: Preliminary documents, texts and back pages. The preliminary party typically carries the title page, abstract, committee members, acknowledgement, table of content and list of tables and figures. The title page which is not numbered contains the candidate’s name. It shows the reader what you are researching about. The year and month in which the degree is conferred. The title page should not contain other complicated information whatsoever; it should also not be numbered. The abstract page comes before the table of content and mostly a minimum of 150 words, and a maximum of 250 words is acceptable. It should be explained succinctly and outline the statement of the problem. Methods of data collection, data analysis, finally the conclusion. Before the table of content is the dedication page which is sometimes optional.
If there is no dedication, it can be taken by acknowledgement. Acknowledgement helps you to mention individuals who were great pillars in your writing. The table of content comes next. It is very important and should be numbered. There are different formats, but depending on your instructor you have a choice on what you will use. It has each section corresponding to pages. List of tables if any comes immediately. It is numbered and counted. It should have a corresponding page number for each table. Note that it should appear in the table of content. Finally, others like the list of figures, abbreviations, and notations should be numbered in lower case numerals and appear in the table of content.
The uphill for the student is to come with the text or body of the paper, and various things are considered. The information provided needs to be accurate and original backed up with evidence. The body party includes chapters, illustrations, bibliography and appendices. Chapter 1 is the introductory part, and it helps to expand and give more details on the abstract and outline of the content of the rest of the dissertation. It should clearly state what the purpose of the study is and explain contributions in the academic field. The literature review is contained in chapter two where the candidate identifies theories that are closely related to your work which you can refer to. Identify the gap and outline how you plan to fill the gap in the previous research. This helps in the buildup of the research questions or hypothesis. The third chapter outlines data gathering method and analysing. State the reasons why you chose the methods. Describe the research design, reliability and validity of the methods. Detail every step of data gathering and analysing. This calls for one to go back to the literature review. In the fourth chapter, the person states the research findings followed by a detailed discussion that links the data back to the literature. Conclusion, it is a summary of the work done. The researcher (s) Write down all important points and what implications they have on the research topic.
Everything is cited appropriately based on the selected referenced style as agreed by your supervisor. The dissertation must have listed all the references used in work, and be included in the table of content. Appendices, if used, should be the last section of the dissertation and should be represented in the table of content.
The choice of this topic: How social Media affects today's creativity, was made after serious deliberation and consultation with various individuals. It was chosen after extensive consideration of how young people use and misuse social media today. Social media has become a mainstay in for contemporary society. Since the start of the millennium, internet usage has continued to grow and today majority of the people are on various social media sites. Among the most common platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Myspace. Every time they log in they are exposed to large junks of information. They watch videos, photos among other information. It becomes an issue of concern to me because a large population is glued to social media.
Social media h...
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