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Madison County’s Road to Justice (Dissertation Sample)


rite 2 full pages on the attached prompt. Do not include any content from the attached document. Your section should cover relationships between communities and law enforcement agencies etc (check prompt).


Madison County’s Road to Justice
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Madison Country’s Road to Justice
The law enforcement institutions at all levels need to encourage community-oriented policing and problem-solving paradigm that promotes reliance and reactive policies agencies practices. The law enforcement should reduce biasness and assess how the community gained through enhancing transparent and collaborative problem-solving measures.
Strong relationship and mutual trust are necessary for police agencies and communities as instruments for maintaining public safety and community policy. In this case, the police officials rely heavily on the information they get from the community regarding crime in the neighbourhood. The community needs to have a mutual trust with the police to work together by finding solutions for the security problems in the city. However, the abilities of the town to trust the work of the police is dependent on whether the police are doing actions that are reflections of the community values (Skoganm et al., 2019). As a result, the security agencies should incorporate principles that bring procedural justice and legitimacy within their scope of work. Many communities in United States cities have questioned the legitimacy of the law enforcement agencies due to the increase of the issues that involve the use of excessive force. Police-community relationship is essential due to the abilities to strengthen the relations between the two entities.
The topic is necessary for the study of the relationship between law enforcement agencies and the communities in a specific locality. The study of identifying the solution between the Madison community and the law enforcement officers can assist in the creation of a positive police-community relationship through taking steps of reducing bias and improving cultural competence within their scope of work. Civil rights leaders recommend attainment of rights and freedom among everybody by developing training models that emphasize diversity and cultural competence (Sereni-Massinger & Wood, 2016). The two beneficiaries of the study shall be the community and the law enforcement officers within Madison County and the United States. The community policing philosophy requires relaxation of the traditional chain of command by deriving innovative and creative problem-solving ideas without the regard of ranks (Williams, Brower & Klay, 2016). The research shall pave the way for future research that could find suggestions for the necessary aspects of police-community collaboration and enactment of community policing.
A positive police-community relationship requires transparency and accountability. Road to justice entails the process of campaigning for the legal system that delivers just and safe outcomes to all the individuals residing in a particular community. Madison County represents the concept of community. The goal of the community is to prevent crime by incorporating various problem-solving remedies (Gill et al., 2014). According to Tom (2018), internal emails reveal possibilities of racism and discrimination among Madison county law enforcement officials. The article highlights the profiling nature of the law enforcement officers of Madison County among the population of black males. The actions of the law enforcement officers sparked reactions among the various stakeholders within and beneath the county. Due to the increase in cases of police profiling of individual members of the community, justice could be achieved through the strengthening of relationships between all races

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