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How Are The International College Students Affected By Their Study Abroad Experience? (Dissertation Sample)


how are the international college students affected by their study abroad experience?

International collage student’s experience abroad
The term international experience is used interchangeably with study abroad, and education abroad. In reference to American council on education the term means learning a foreign language, working, studying or travelling abroad and also hosting international students. In reference to this definition we can say that the students who are interested in studying abroad are interested with careers in corporations or organizations with international focus. In this case, international experience can include having positions domestically with geographical mobility, interacting with people of different cultures and beliefs, cooperating with international partners, and even been in a cross cultural team
(Yakoboski, D’Ambrosio & Johnstone, 2010).

International educations for students are on the rise today; this has been influence by the increasing demand of people in organizations who are globally minded. Globalization is also playing a key factor here. Parents and the stories from the returning students from abroad to the communities they live in or work stations have increased the demand for the experience. Studying abroad has a lot of advantages to both the individual and the people involved. However; it might be a challenge to adapt to the new environment and the different ways of doing things in the new country. Above all, every one is affected by this experience and all have stories to elucidate their ordeals (Yakoboski, D’Ambrosio, & Johnstone, 2010).

This paper brings out how these students are affected by the experience aboard; whether positively or negatively, the challenges they face while abroad, how the challenges affects them and finally what we can learn out of the experience and recommendations for the others who plan to study abroad. There are several area that international student are considered impacted by the experience of studying abroad. Some of the major areas are: their professional capacity, international perceptive, intellectual development and personal development. However, these gains are not attained without obstacles and they must be ready to overcome the obstacles (Brewer & Cunningham, 2009).
The students’ stand in a better position to have an increased international sensitivity and this enables them to have a general appreciation of human conditions within a social-ecological structure. The opportunity to interact with people of different culture creates a very vital element in dealing with cultural barriers. This is because the students have the opportunity to connect their own life experiences with larger social issues. Through these opportunities people are modeled with the appreciation of different cultures of the world thus build a good opening to have national leaders of tomorrow who have respect and understanding of other people through cultural inquisitiveness (Wilson, 2010).
Study programs abroad usually aim at improving the students understanding of the world through providing studies of culture and foreign language. The universities provide opportunities to travel more and encouraging the students to live with foreigners. This allows the students to learn the values, customs, beliefs, and behaviors that determine the culture of the people. It is a wonderful thing as one is immersed into a new community to act as the locals; cooking traditional foods, speaking their language, and even participating in recreational activities. It gives them the chance to understand other lifestyles other than what they have being used to at home (Brewer & Cunningham, 2009).
Students who enroll in other countries other than their home country faces some concerns and challenges which are far above their peers at home. They encounter academic change, homesickness, culture shock and above all change of environment. In order for one to succeed in a different country they have to adjust to the new environment they are in and deal with homesickness effectively. These changes they face pose a great challenge both at their personal and academic lives. Among these changes what is more challenging is to adapt to the new culture however, the degree at which they are affected is different from individual to the other (Wilson, 2010).
Soon after they arrive they begin a very crucial part in their psychological well being; they seek to learn and absorb as quickly as possible the new environment and the culture difference. They have to be sharp enough to analyze the structure of the society, what priorities are in that culture, and above all understanding and getting to know what is expected as appropriate conduct in any given situation. It is not an easy process by one has to undergo through it, there will be ups and downs however, this experience makes the students grow and learn to appreciate what they did not know. With no time they find themselves emerged into it. Going through the process fully makes the individual accepted and termed as one among them in the host community (Kuh, 2010).

Due to cultural difference it is very hard for them to make friends out there and as a result they feel isolated. This leads to homesick feelings as they try to remember their families and friends they had left at home. It becomes more challenge to them when schools are closed and the other students travel to their local homes. Since travelling back home may be a challenge in terms of finance, they are left with no any other option rather than to look for places to stay since the dorms are closed. It becomes a major issue; makes them feel disconnected from home and their friend. However, this depends on how the student is able to adapt to the new environment, making friends and above all seeking help when necessary (Brewer & Cunningham, 2009).
Finally, international students are faced by the problem of language barrier, for instance, you might find that the student is coming from countries that do not use English as their first or second language. In this case, the student being in United States will be faced by challenges in communicating either with the fellow students or other people in genera...
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