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Impact of Offshore Wind Farms on Navigation Systems Centre (Dissertation Sample)


the task was about providing a detailed research on the offshore wind farms in England and Wales affect the navigation system


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Impact of Offshore Wind Farms on Navigation Systems
Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Chapter 1: introduction PAGEREF _Toc40790981 \h 21.1Background of the study PAGEREF _Toc40790982 \h 21.2Significance of the study PAGEREF _Toc40790983 \h 31.3Research questions PAGEREF _Toc40790984 \h 31.4Aims and objectives PAGEREF _Toc40790985 \h 41.5Research outline PAGEREF _Toc40790986 \h 4Chapter 2: Literature review PAGEREF _Toc40790987 \h 52.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc40790988 \h 52.2 How offshore wind farm laws influence the navigation system in England and Wales PAGEREF _Toc40790989 \h 62.3 The current legal frameworks that define the management of offshore wind farms PAGEREF _Toc40790990 \h 102.4 Research gap PAGEREF _Toc40790991 \h 11Chapter 3: Methodology PAGEREF _Toc40790992 \h 123.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc40790993 \h 123.2 Research Philosophy PAGEREF _Toc40790994 \h 123.3 Research Method PAGEREF _Toc40790995 \h 133.4 Data Collection methods PAGEREF _Toc40790996 \h 133.5 Data Collection tools PAGEREF _Toc40790997 \h 133.6. Target Population and sampling PAGEREF _Toc40790998 \h 143.7 Data Analysis PAGEREF _Toc40790999 \h 143.8 Validity and Reliability PAGEREF _Toc40791000 \h 153.9 Ethical Considerations PAGEREF _Toc40791001 \h 153.10 Methodological Limitations PAGEREF _Toc40791002 \h 15Chapter 4: Results and discussions PAGEREF _Toc40791003 \h 164.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc40791004 \h 164.2 Results PAGEREF _Toc40791005 \h 174.2.1 How the offshore wind farms impact the navigation system in England and Wales PAGEREF _Toc40791006 \h 174.2.2 The current legal frameworks for the operation of wind farms PAGEREF _Toc40791007 \h 204.2.2 Ways of improving the legislative requirements and efficiency in offshore wind farms PAGEREF _Toc40791008 \h 224.2 Discussion PAGEREF _Toc40791009 \h 23Chapter 5: CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS PAGEREF _Toc40791010 \h 275.1 Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc40791011 \h 275.2 Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc40791012 \h 27Bibliography PAGEREF _Toc40791013 \h 28Appendix PAGEREF _Toc40791014 \h 29Appendix 1: Questionnaire PAGEREF _Toc40791015 \h 29
Chapter 1: introduction
Background of the study
England and Wales show considerable potential for the generation of additional renewable energy through the involvement of offshore wind farms which are constructed inside and around the sea in the region. The Wind farms have the potential of increasing the overall capacity for energy production which is needed to facilitate industrial growth around the ports in England and Wales. The expansion of offshore wind farms is significant to England and Wales since it presents a viable opportunity for the region to utilize safer energy, but based on the terms of navigation and generation of wind power as a form of renewable energy in the offshore domain. Moreover, utilizing offshore wind power serves as a significant contribution towards ensuring the security of the jurisdiction by way of diversified channels of the generation of renewable energy. According to Bailey et al., another notable benefit associated with the overall expansion of the power generation capacity by wind farms is that the approach creates employment opportunities. Therefore, this study acknowledges potential presented by the wind farms in the generation of renewable energy in England and Wales while delving into the necessary legal and regulatory framework that could potentially affect the actualization of the goal in the energy domain in the jurisdiction as emphasized by Anatec (2017). The legal framework is envisaged to facilitate the effective evaluation of the impact of wind farms during the preliminary phases by way of assessment of the environment for the applications. For instance, the adequacy of the existing framework in promoting wind farms to engage in offshore renewable energy generation is an important aspect in enabling for the attainment of plans particularly beyond the scope of territorial waters. Therefore, the assessment and regulation of offshore wind farms in power generation show the need for both domestic and international frameworks to govern the conduct of players in the renewable energy sector in England and Wales.[Maritime and Coastguard Agency. Methodology for assessing the marine navigational safety and emergency response risks of offshore renewable energy installations (OREI). (Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Southampton 2013), 50-890] [Andersson M. Offshore wind farms—ecological effects of noise and habitat alteration on fish [dissertation]. (Stockholm University, Stockholm 2011).] [Bailey H, Brookes KL, Thompson P. “Assessing environmental impacts of offshore wind farms: lessons learned and recommendations for the future.” (Aquat Biosyst 2014) 10:8] [Ibid, p.8] [Ibid, note 2, p. 43]

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