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Analysing Factors of Healthcare Information Privacy and Security System influencing Employees and Customers’ Satisfaction: an evidence-based study of UAE (Dissertation Sample)

this is the dissertation on the topic "Analysing Factors of Healthcare Information Privacy and Security System influencing Employees and Customers’ Satisfaction: an evidence-based study of UAE" The main objectives of the research are as follows 1. To identify the factors of automatic healthcare information privacy and security system influencing the satisfaction level of employees and customers. 2. To explore the current health information privacy and security system of UAE’s healthcare industry. 3. To suggest the weakness of the system identified and recommend the improvement. source..
Analysing Factors of Healthcare Information Privacy and Security System influencing Employees and Customers’ Satisfaction: an evidence-based study of UAE Student name Department and institution name Course title Instructor name Date Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc122942847 \h 4Introduction PAGEREF _Toc122942848 \h 5Background PAGEREF _Toc122942849 \h 6Significance and Rationale PAGEREF _Toc122942850 \h 8Research Objectives PAGEREF _Toc122942851 \h 9Research Questions PAGEREF _Toc122942852 \h 9Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc122942853 \h 11Research Methodology PAGEREF _Toc122942854 \h 171.1 Research Philosophy PAGEREF _Toc122942855 \h 171.2 Research approach PAGEREF _Toc122942856 \h 181.3 Research Strategy PAGEREF _Toc122942857 \h 191.4 Research choice PAGEREF _Toc122942858 \h 191.5 Time horizon PAGEREF _Toc122942859 \h 191.6 Data collection and analysis PAGEREF _Toc122942860 \h 191.6.1 Data collection PAGEREF _Toc122942861 \h 19a. Primary sources PAGEREF _Toc122942862 \h 20b. Secondary sources PAGEREF _Toc122942863 \h 201.6.2 Survey PAGEREF _Toc122942864 \h 201.6.3 Sampling PAGEREF _Toc122942865 \h 21The targeted audience of the research PAGEREF _Toc122942866 \h 21Sampling size PAGEREF _Toc122942867 \h 21Sampling technique PAGEREF _Toc122942868 \h 211.7 Data analysis PAGEREF _Toc122942869 \h 211.7.1 Descriptive statistics PAGEREF _Toc122942870 \h 221.7.2 SPSS PAGEREF _Toc122942871 \h 221.8 Ethical consideration PAGEREF _Toc122942872 \h 23Results and Discussion PAGEREF _Toc122942873 \h 244. Reliability PAGEREF _Toc122942874 \h 244.1 Demographic Statistics PAGEREF _Toc122942875 \h 244.2 Descriptive Statistics PAGEREF _Toc122942876 \h 264.3 Chi Square Analysis PAGEREF _Toc122942877 \h 274.4 Multiple Regression Analysis PAGEREF _Toc122942878 \h 284.5 Analysis of Variance PAGEREF _Toc122942879 \h 294.6 Correlation PAGEREF _Toc122942880 \h 304.7 Factor Analysis PAGEREF _Toc122942881 \h 304.7.1 Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin (KMO) and Bartlett’s Test PAGEREF _Toc122942882 \h 304.7.2 Factor Extraction PAGEREF _Toc122942883 \h 314.7.3 Communalities PAGEREF _Toc122942884 \h 334.7.4 Factor Rotation PAGEREF _Toc122942885 \h 35Discussion PAGEREF _Toc122942886 \h 36Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc122942887 \h 40Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc122942888 \h 41References PAGEREF _Toc122942889 \h 42Appendix-A PAGEREF _Toc122942890 \h 49 Abstract Regarding employment or the amount of money it brings in, the healthcare sector is rapidly emerging as one of the fastest-growing in the UAE. It is expanding quickly and meeting the needs and demands of various nations and the UAE. Customer satisfaction in the healthcare industry, particularly in the healthcare industry, is significantly influenced by employee behaviour and service quality. As a result, in order to achieve high performance, management must put equal emphasis on providing excellent infrastructure and equipment as well as fantastic service from skilled physicians, nurses, and other staff. This research analyses the association between employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and satisfaction in general. It remains an effort to examine the relationship between customer and employee satisfaction and strategies that can raise consumer happiness through raising staff satisfaction. Introduction  With the enormous advancement and development in healthcare information privacy and security systems in the healthcare sector, the issues related to information privacy have gained the attention of academic practitioners and researchers. Samy, Ahmad, and Ismail (2009) reported that the healthcare sector remains the largest in the market that is held responsible for data breaches and information disclosure with a high percentage. Therefore, security threats have significantly increased in the UAE healthcare sector in the past few years. As King, Brankovic, and Gillard (2012) reported, more than 2 million healthcare employees’ names were exposed, and their medical data was breached from electronic healthcare records. Ponemon (2012) reported that the healthcare sector failed to deal with information and privacy security system due to a lack of resources, trained personnel, and technologies. Zhang et al. (2015) stated that privacy and security are critical governing principles in the medical profession. Because patients, employees, staff members, or even stakeholders must share their medical and personal information with their physicians or institution to facilitate their needs and desires. On the other hand, Applebaum (2002) argued that most customers (let's say patients) refused to provide their divulge information about severe medical conditions such as HIV, mental issues, and psychiatric behaviour because they believe that the disclosure of the information would lead them to social severe discrimination and stigma. To better understand, Mercuri (2004) provided an insight into information encoded as medical records such as medical diagnosis history, treatments, personal identification, sexual preference, dietary habits, psychological profiles, medical rendering images, genetic information, mental income, and in some cases income is also provided.  Customer satisfaction and concerns about healthcare information privacy merely focus on the impact of information disclosure on their economic and social interaction within society. The information privacy of interest can be converted into the sense that the customer’s information may be hidden from any observer. According to Fernando and Dawson (2009), social acceptance, customer satisfaction, individual relationship, and employment opportunity can affect life quality. They can be easily affected by the degree to which healthcare information about an individual’s health is kept confidential. However, the degree to which healthcare information is revealed to any person entirely depends on the medical condition and its severity. Undoubtedly, information privacy and security systems have been widely explored in business and management subjects. Still, current academic literature provides limited access to the systematic and evidence-based investigation of information privacy and security systems.  It has been observed that the information privacy and security system in the UAE healthcare sector is the single most crucial factor for improving healthcare quality and employee satisfaction within healthcare organisations. However, numerous studies, including Rana, Kubbo and Jayabalan (2017), reported that UAE has ineffective security measures in their healthcare system that resulted in multiple information breaches, leaving customers, patients, and even employees exposed to mental anguish, social stigmas, and economic threats. According to the report of Raman (2007), 75 per cent of patients and healthcare employees are more concerned about the private information they share with healthcare organisations and websites. To support this, Hasan and Yurcik (2006) argued that medical-related information data are still the second-highest reported breach in different countries. In response to this information, there was a need to research the increased threat to healthcare privacy and security systems at other bu targeting various organisations. In the past two decades, information security and risk management theories have been the primary concern point for researchers. However, Zhao and Johnson (2008) stated that with the growing research stream on information privacy and security but still there are limited research found on checking the impact of information privacy and security system in the healthcare sector because risk management was only studied in relevance to the business model and construction companies. To fill this research gap, the researcher wanted to explore the impact of automatic healthcare security systems and information privacy systems on the satisfaction level of customers and employees.  Background  Concerns related to the security and privacy of healthcare information can be categorised into two categories such as (1) issues related to inappropriate information release from any healthcare organisation and (2) issues related to systematic information flow throughout the healthcare sector. It has been observed that the release of information from an organisation or employees might be intentional or unintentional and results in employment termination. The second concern relates to disclosing information without the patient's consent and invading the patient's personal space. It was essential to discuss these concerns because it explains the information flow in the healthcare system between healthcare payers, providers, and secondary healthcare users. Abouelmehdi, Beni and Khaloufi (2018) stated that some health is considered a social stigma that eventually gains scant attention from society against any particular patient. In such same, disclosing patients' information might result in employment termination. Furthermore, Liu, Crespo and Martinez (2020) argued that medical data could be breached and hacked due to economic and non-economic motives. For instance, for criminals, employers, and insurers, patients' medical records and information might have a monetary value. In contrast, for some individuals, these records might have personal reasons such as family issues and relationships. Similarly, Savoska et al. (2019) also stated that attackers and hackers might have technical and computing skills. Considering the primary focus of the research topic, it is essential to discuss the content referring to the UAE.  Yuksel, Kupcu and Ozkasap (2017) stated that laws related to data protection and medical information are inexistent. However, there are several laws at the provisional level that can support information privacy and protection. For instance, according to the UAE penal code, it is illegal and infraction to use any private information (including medical information) of any individual without the person...
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