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FDI Impact on Kenya's Financial Services and Manufacturing (Dissertation Sample)


- Findings and discussions:
Use a thematic approach which focusses upon a succession of issues, themes or topics, when reporting and discussing your findings rather than simply reporting sequentially upon a succession of individual respondents or questions.
Logically follow through your argument
Develop your argument so as to support your claim.
Make sure you make references back to the literature review.
Ensure that your discussion is firmly grounded in your data.
- Conclusion:
Refer to your Research Question( s)
What are you clairrring? How is your claim supported by your methodology and finclin gs.7
Are your finclings in line with expectations?
Make sure you make references back to the sources you cited in the literature review Make sure that what you write is supported by your data.
Draw conclusions also about academic understanclings: were they useful?
Do the same for your methodology: did it do what you hoped it would; what were its special strengths and what were its weaknesses?
An examiner will regard it as a virtue if you show an awareness of the limitation' of your · study, you are engaged in a learning experience rather than producing the definitive piece of research in your chosen field.
You may include at this point suggestions for further investigation.


Chapter 4 – Findings and Discussions
4.1 Introduction
Surprisingly, this study shows that while foreign direct investment is being drawn to Ireland shows an impact not only on the country's economy and, in particular, on Ireland's favorable tax rates and other rates factors. (Stensrud, 2016). The collected findings from surveys imply that FDI has huge impact for country's financial services and manufacturing since all the active trading income for activities carried out anywhere in Ireland is taxed at a fixed 12.5 percent rate under the corporate tax structure; this will further discuss in this chapter.
The study findings were presented in Chapter 4 and discussed in terms of the researcher's professional and personal interpretation of what they mean. This section aims to link and interpret the findings of the study to the original research topic and highlight the reader's theoretical and practical implications and meanings. The results are arranged by topic to accurately explain the occurrences and reflect the participants' actual experiences. The study relied on a thematic analysis of the results. It describes and analyses the participants' interview results. The findings suggest that Ireland's existing FDI strategy offers the required support for future development. The questionnaire's items were chosen from themes in the literature and based on the conceptual framework presented in Chapter 2. The survey received a 40% response rate, with three of the five participants in Ireland responding and two independent organizations completing the questionnaire.
4.2 Impacts of FDI towards Ireland based on literature
4.2.1 Corporate tax rates
Based on the literature review analysis, Ireland significantly benefits from the current FDI policy. While FDI continues to help Ireland, there is a clear focus on ensuring that its benefits are distributed more equally (Stensrud, 2016). The government and IDA Ireland also emphasized increasing regional investments, particularly development aid, at the heart of the IDA's agenda. It comprises establishing new investment promotion targets and developing investment clusters throughout regions to have a sustainable and attract more foreign enterprises from specific industries.
Literature review results imply that Ireland's recovery record of foreign direct investment at the posting stage was mentioned in the first half of the presentation. A new cross-country study by Barry & Fathartaigh (2012) makes it possible to investigate the determinants of US FDI in Europe and find some key factors behind Ireland's prosperity. Barry & Fathartaigh (2012) states that the geographical proximity to the United States is an important determinant of the overall scale of foreign direct investment attracted, and absorption of foreign direct investment in the EU is a foreign direct investment in parliament and monetary administration (Nelson, 2021). Track what is seen as particularly large. In contrast to the incorporation for neighboring markets, the more modest business units attract movement at the posting stage, and the incorporation of US members is generally collected in low-priced countries.

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