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Impact of Winds on WelshTourism (Dissertation Sample)


The students were required to evaluate the impacts of the wind and associated grid infrastructure on the Welsh tourism sector. This report summarizes on various tools and techniques which will be to complete the project.


DATE: 07/10/2013

Bid Report of
“A Study Into The Potential Impacts Of Wind Farms And Associated Grid Infrastructure On The Welsh Tourism Sector”

This report is a document based on the research bid to the Government of Wales which evaluates on the impacts of the wind and associated grid infrastructure on the Welsh tourism sector. This report summarizes on various tools and techniques which will be to complete the project.
The search for a good, reliable and safe source of energy has been on-going for years on end. Crude oil has not only proved to be expensive and unreliable, but also a pollutant. Generation of power by wind technology has the potential to reduce environmental impacts that are caused by coal and fossil sources. Wind technology does not generate thermal pollution or atmospheric contaminants thus it’s more attractive to organizations, power firms, and governments and individual. Many countries using wind as a source of energy have received endorsement from the green movement in the universe. People feel safe when they visit these countries for instance, wales. They make wind technology the best source of energy, different challenges need however to be mitigated. Wind energy leads to death of wildlife like birds and bats. It can affect tourisms of different places since it sometimes damages or becomes a source of attraction for visitors. The Wales’s Visit Wales board should work hand in hand with the developers to mitigate on the different risks involved with Wind technology projects so that to reduce negative impacts on tourism will is a huge contributor to the GDP of wales.
The report also includes the Gantt chart which demonstrates the various activities to be performed for the completion of the project including the time slot within which it has to be completed.

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Wales has been a mountainous and highly windy country which has maintained a steady economy throughout the turn of the century. Accordingly, the country has currently 16 onshore wind farms which are operational. The 16 wind farms are inclusive of three single turbines. As such, the total numbers of turbines onshore have been pegged at 362. Elliott (2003 p23-56) further states that the largest wind farm in Wales are at Penryhyddlan and Llidiartwaun which is located in Powys. Accordingly, the aforesaid two areas, in which the largest numbers of wind farms are located, have a total of 103 turbines (Elliott 2003 p23-56). As such, approximately 2.5% of the Welsh demand for electricity is met by the aforementioned wind farms (Elliott 2003 p23-56).
On the other hand, the opinion and prospect towards offshore wind farms has been under debates since time in memorial. Recent changes saw the approval and construction of the North Hoyle wind farm. As such, the wind farm was stated to be located approximately 5 miles off the coast in between Prestatyn and Rhyl which consist of 30 turbines. As such more proposals have been set to develop second farm of similar scale in Rhyl flats which is about 10 kilometers from the northern wales coast (Elliott 2003 p23-56).
On the other hand, planning applications have been made in respect to the development of 30 wind farms which if approved; development of 900 additional wind turbines will be made. Of the largest applications for wind farms has been the proposal to build 165 turbines of up to 400 feet in the hills that surround Camddwr valley (Elliott 2003 p23-56).
The study aims at analysing the impact of wind farms on the tourism sector in Wales. The study for the Welsh government
The specific objectives were;
To determine the effect of wind farms on the financial performance of tourist companies in Wales.
To determine the effect of wind farms on the environment in Wales.
To determine the effect of establishing wind farms in wales and the overall impact on the wildlife in the area.
The client aims will focus on answering three key questions, namely
How do wind farms affect the financial performance of tourist firms in Wales
What is the effect of wind farms on the environment in Wales?
How has the establishment of wind farms in Wales affected the tourism sector?
The study will thus give an insight on performance of the tourist firms as well as the entire tourism industry as a result of introduction of wind farms.

Wind technology is the conversion of wind energy into useful nature through wind turbines to generate electricity power, wind pimping used for pumping water, windmills used for mechanical power and sails for propelling ships. For the new construction taking place in the world today, onshore wind provide a less expensive option source of electricity which competes with other sources of fossil fuel (Muyeen 2011, p. 368). Wind energy is usually very consistent from one year to another but there is a significant variation in a shorter period of time (Hemami, A. 2012, p.8). It creates a problem when it is used for supplying approximately 20% of the total demand of energy but the as the amount increases, a need to improve and upgrade the grid is necessary (Muyeen 2011, p.368). Energy management methods like geographical distributed turbines, capacity storage importing and exporting power to neighbouring regions or reducing demand, storage like pumped-storage hydroelectricity can greatly reduce the risks or challenges of low energy from wind power. Weather forecasting can help adequate planning in case the country will run short of wind energy. Wind energy is obtained from the kinetic energy of the air in motion (wind). The total amount of economically extracted energy available from the wind is considerably more than the present human power from all the available sources of energy (Hemami, A. (2012, p.8). According to Axel Kleidon of Max Planck, top down calculation demonstrated that 18Tw to 68TW of wind energy can be extracted from the earth`s surface.

In the study, a theoaretical analysis of the tourists reaction towards this development is made based on both local and foreign tourists visiting this region of wales. This will be done through observation and precise interviews which are relevant to obtaining a personal view from every individual. The response will be highly valued for use in evaluation of this project. One should bear in mind that a section of stakeholder are opposed to this strategy but a large population will be subjected to give their own views on the impact of wind power plant in the region on tourist attraction and environment.
Further studies on the impacts on tourism will also base their observation on the bed spce available during the peak tourism periods after completition of the project. Any notable change will be highly valued for further research on the impacts of the projects.
This project will be subjected to value analysis wherby people will be asked the preferred scenery as whether intrusions like farmplants bother them and the negative values which are brought about by development of wind farms in the region. It is expected those who los most will leave the area and whether property prices in the area would increase to show that people are still interested in the rgion irrespective of the presence of farmplants.
The development team will also be focussed on the community response to costruction of farm plants in the region. Incase of strong opposition then there is any injurious effects of the project. Studies indicate that windfarms affect only a small population after they are set up which should not stop any developer from investing on such a noble investment.
This study is further expounded on through the application of other analysis models to get to the depth of the issues raised by different individuals. This is important in ensuring that the validity of this investment is viable and acceptable to both community and industry players. These theories and models includes the following:
The cost benefit analysis (CBA)
This model is used by researchers to determine the returns of a project against the initial investment. In a world of finite public and private resources, we need a standard for evaluating trade-offs, setting priorities, and finally making choices about how to allocate scarce resources among competing uses. The cost-benefit principle says that you should take an action if, and only if, the extra benefit from taking it is greater than the extra cost. Through a cost benefit analysi...
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