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Dissertation About Development Of Small Firms In China (Dissertation Sample)


A well researched DISSERTATION paper on development of small firms in china(No need for citation and cover pages, just the RESEARCH information)


The last five decades have been characterized by massive industrial growth in most Asian countries a factor that has been attributed to the development of their firms. To effectively put things into perspective, there is need to understand the state of their firms, the many opportunities as well as constraints that they are exposed to and how they have been able to handle them in their quest to develop over the years.  There is also need to define as well as differentiate between what qualifies to be a small firm and what meet the minimum criterion of being referred to as a large firm. To effectively address this, there is need to come up with various parameters that will be used in highlighting some of the key things to look at when determining whether a firm is small or large. As a way of ensuring that an effective research is done, the paper will also look into the possibility of addressing the relationship between large firms and small firms and how does this kind of linkage affect the operations of either side.
Literature Review
Regardless of the magnitude of the business firms face numerous challenges and opportunities in their daily operations. Profit maximization, reducing employee turnover, and reducing the cost of operation has been salient features that confront most firms in nowadays regardless of the size.
Scholar () asserted that profit maximization has been the top challenge that confront various firms in their endeavour to obtain maximum revenue. The objectives that firms formulate are geared towards enhancing the firm will increase the wealth of the shareholders. This goal faces numerous challenges that make realization of this goal unattainable. The limitation of the capital base hinders most companies from pursuing investment needs that will enable the company to increase the market share and for that reason the company will generate significant profits that can be used to expand and grow the business.
Government regulations remain to be another factor that is hindering the progress off most firms whether large or small. It is reported that 36% of firms with more than 51-70 employees confessed that government regulations remain to be a constraint to their various operations they undertake. Some of the laws that the government enacts affect the revenue that is generated by the organizations adversely. Some of the policies that are enacted by the government for instance are, labour regulations and minimum wage increase take a significant revenue that is made by most firms which could have been used for business expansion and growth. Moreover, all firms regardless of the size are required to ensure they protect the welfare of the society by ensuring the projects that organizations will implement will not have negative externalities to the public. The interests of the society are given more attention consequently most firms are discouraged from making any investment decision that will not benefit the society in a positive way. Lastly, the taxation policies that are imposed by the central government for instance, the corporate tax reduces the revenue that is generated by the firms. Tax reduces the amount of the revenue that could have been ploughed back into the business to expand the capacity and improve on the efficiency of the firm.
Employee healthcare is another constraint that has remained to have a direct impact on the business. This challenge majorly targets the major firms that have more than 50 employees. The legislation demands that these firms must provide a healthcare coverage on its employees and therefore most of these firms strive to ensure they are in compliance with this regulation which has become to be a burden to those firms that are making good returns from their investments. Scholar () asserted that lack of proper employee's policies increases the incidences of job dissatisfaction and therefore the employees tend to maximize their leisure time and work for less hours which is against the interests of the shareholders of the company. With proper measures in place that will increase morale of workers, increased production can be realized because the employee turnover will be low and therefore the firms will have an ample time to increase their marketing strategy with an objective of capturing more markets for their products as well as maintaining customers' loyalty. Entrepreneur () said that employee compensation should be pegged on the performance of the worker and therefore the worker we will feel motivated to increase his/her efforts and also make decisions that are in harmony with the objectives of the company.
Most of the opportunities that are available in business sector depend on the size of the firm. If a firm has several subsidiary offices then it is likely to make good returns because it has the capability to cover large market than a small firm that few operations that are limited in one specific area. Entrepreneur () asserted that the scope of operations that are undertaken by the firm plays a crucial role in determining the amount of revenue that will be generated. Large firms stand a better position to make huge profits from their business activities because they have a large capacity and they are diversified in terms of the goods they produce. On the other hand, small firms face different opportunities as compared to the large firms because the scope of operation for the small firms is limited and therefore these firms will explore other opportunities that are there in the market to make them remain competitive in the market.
Empirical Methodology
China different climatic conditions have led to uneven population density in this country with some parts of the country experiencing large number of people while other parts of that are sparsely populated. Parts of the country that are densily populated include Yangtze delta, Pearl river delta and other fertile like Sichuan basin where intensive agriculture is centred. On the other hand some parts of the country like, northern part of Tibet and sandy areas of Tarim and barren land and mountainous regions of Lop Nur. China's recent development programmes it has initiated in the entrepreneur sector has attracted the development of small family firms that have accelerated the rate of economic development and growth in the country. The country has concentrated to embrace social-economic reforms that will transform the market oriented system.
Sampling Procedure and Sample size
Systematic sampling was used to derive the right sample size with the aid of World Business Environment Survey where all the firms both the small and large firms were arranged serially and a firm was chosen after an interval of every ten firms. A sample size of 199 firms was obtained.
Data types and sources
Secondary data was used in this researc...

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