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Mayborn Project Dissertation (Dissertation Sample)


The task at hand is to conduct research on how consumers are interacting with the Mayborn brand Tommee Tippee in several different countries in the post-pandemic period. The purpose of the research is to examine changes in consumer behavior and needs, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the Mayborn brand in these different markets. The specific countries that will be studied are India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Mexico.
To begin, the research will analyze the environments in which Mayborn operates in these countries, including factors such as cultural norms, economic conditions, and technological infrastructure. This analysis will provide context for understanding the various challenges and opportunities that Mayborn faces in these different markets.
Next, the research will examine the strengths and weaknesses of the Mayborn brand in each of these countries. This will include an analysis of factors such as product quality, brand reputation, marketing and advertising strategies, and pricing. By understanding the brand's current position in each market, the research can identify areas for improvement and potential opportunities for growth.
The research will also examine changes in consumer behavior and needs in the post-pandemic period. For example, the research will analyze whether consumers in these countries are increasingly ordering products online, rather than visiting physical stores. The research will also examine whether safety concerns have become a more important factor in consumer decision-making, and how this might impact demand for certain products.
To gather data for the research, the project will use both qualitative and quantitative methods. Two case studies (the BP case and the Volkswagen case) will be used to provide qualitative data on how organizations respond to changes in consumer needs and perceptions. In addition, surveys and other quantitative methods will be used to collect data on consumer behavior and preferences in each of the countries under study.
Based on the data gathered, the research will provide insights and recommendations for how Mayborn can improve its position in these different markets. This may include changes to product offerings, pricing strategies, and marketing and advertising campaigns. The research will also provide insights into how other organizations have successfully adapted to changing consumer needs and perceptions, and how Mayborn can learn from these examples. The ultimate goal of the research is to provide actionable insights that Mayborn can use to improve its brand position and drive growth in these important markets.


Mayborn Project Dissertation
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The purpose for undertaking this research is to examine how consumers are reacting or interacting with the Mayborn brand Tommee Tippee in nations like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Mexico. This is in the post-pandemic period which is believed to have caused changes in consumer needs hence the importance of conducting a research. An analysis of the environments in which Mayborn operates has been examined as well as its strengths and weaknesses. After a clear examination of the research materials, it has been discovered that customers in areas like India have ordering online and thus they have reduced their former habit of visiting stores. Safety is a concern for consumers that are found in Mexico and thus they have been purchasing items like sterilizers which have been proven to fight 99% of germs that are found on feeding objects (Law, and Dowling, 2021, p. 34-56). Two case studies (BP case and Volkswagen case) have been used as a qualitative method to provide data in this study. The results shows that organizations are forced to change names of brands, introduce new brands, and launch new campaigns in the effort to new consumer perception. They do this also to meet new needs of consumers.
Table of Contents
TOC \h \u \z Acknowledgement2Consent Statement3Abstract4CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION71.1 Background71.2 Problem statement81.3 Research questions91.4 Justification of the study91.4 Analysis of the current position of Mayborn Group101.4.1 Porters five forces101.4.1.1 Competition101.4.1.2 Supplier bargaining power101.4.1.3 Buyer bargaining power111.4.1.4 Threat of substitution111.4.1.5 Threat of new entrants11CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW112.0 Introduction112.1 Theoretical Review122.1.1 Motivation Need model122.1.2 Reasoned action model122.1.3 Expectancy-value theory132.2 Empirical Review132.3 Overview of Literature16CHAPTER THREE METHODOLOGY173.0 Introduction173.1Theoretical framework173.2 BP case study183.3 Volkswagen case study19CHAPTER FOUR: FINDINGS AND RESULTS204.0 Introduction204.1 Results204.2 Discussion215. Recommendations236.Reference list26
1.1 Background
Mayborn Group is the owner of the brand Tommee Tippee and it is located in Britain. The brand comprises of a package of feeding bottles for children, wiping materials and toys for the toddlers. For more than 50 years, Tommee Tippee has served parents who have children and it has gained great approval in more than 40 countries in which it is currently operating. In 2021, Tommee Tippee won an award on the best creative ideas which were presented through videos. In this case, the company had launched “The Boob Life “campaign for the promotion of Tommee Tippee which gained great recognition. The focus of the campaign was to eliminate some of the unrealistic expectations that are placed on women. Such an award is one among many accolades that the brand has won due to its performance. Mayborn Group is strategically expanding its reach to other potential markets across the world to utilize its unlimited capabilities in the sale of Tommee Tippee products that have gained great approval in UK (Rollins, 2021 et al, p.13-38). Mayborn would want to understand the manner in which customers are interacting with their brand since the onset of the pandemic. It is focused in understanding the current trends in baby care sector and how the consumer behavior has been transformed.
A look at the world markets shows tremendous changes in the way consumers behave. There has been an overall 35% rise in online shopping each year since 2020. The e-commerce levels rose by 47% in 2020 and 35% in 2021 (Alfonso, et al 2021, p. 9-34). The demand for smaller brands increased by 38% in 2021 and three quarter of the American population confessed to altering their buying behavior. The same shift was also recorded in Europe. Research also indicates that 30-40% of millennials have been switching from one brand to another thus making the rate of brand loyalty to decrease (Guthrie, Fosso-Wamba, and Arnaud, 2021, p. 12-42). There is also information that shows how spending has been taking place for mode products. In these results, 34% of the people have been spending on home items in the post pandemic season. Around 70% of the companies have continued to offer remote services to their customers around the world in the post pandemic season.
Mayborn Group’s ability to maintain consumer brand loyalty comes from its power to provide value given the range of positive rates it has received worldwide. In markets, brands must understand their consumers in order to give them the value that they require based on their expectations (Alfonso, et al 2021, p. 6-18). For example, the sterilizer is one of the items in the package in Tommee Tippee. It kills 99% of the germs that are found in containers or objects that are used to feed babies for 24 hours. In India for example, the company has websites that are known through marketing (for example the desertcart) where people are able to order Tommee Tippee products online. Some customers prefer purchasing a whole package or parts of the items within. Such explains why the company has gained its current position.
The season of the pandemic has made many companies to rethink and reevaluate their options especially on matters of customer care. It is clear that in times of crisis, customers tend to reflect on various options and some of the decisions which are made can affect the brands that they buy positively or negatively. Mostly users would for the brands that they can buy easily, those that do not pose risks to their well-being and that of those that they love and the ones that are cost friendly.
1.2 Problem statement
Nothing is permanent: change is inevitable and so are the consumer options and the way they interact with the brands. The ability to understand how they feel and make options enables a business to model strategies that ensures that their needs are met. This is the secret behind many successful organizations.
Mayborn Group desires to understand the way customers are interacting with the Tommee Tippee brand in the baby care sector in various countries that include India, Pakistan, Mexico and Brazil Malaysia and Indonesia. The analysis of the way consumers interact with the brands is part of its corporate strategy in order to sponsor group in this season that the company is expanding its reach beyond its current range of more than 40 countries (Aird, 2011, p. 3-10). The desire to do this examination is triggered by the understanding of the fact that the pandemic had a significant impact on the choices of people on the products that they purchase. For example, majority of people have become more sensitive to what they eat and use for cooking or feeding their children. As seen through the process of sanitizing items, people are concerned about the cleanliness of materials and their safety. The sterilizing process by Tommee and Tippee items that kills 99% of germs can be a major focus for the company given the needs that the products is meeting.
1.3 Research questions
1 What are the consumers looking for in the Tommee Tippee products in post pandemic season?
2 Have consumers developed new alternatives in regard to the products that they use based on their different needs in the post Covid-19 season?
3 Are there changes in the way consumers are purchasing products in this post pandemic season?
1.4 Justification of the study
For any organization that is concerned and focused on improving customer experiences, a review of the way they react to various brands is essential. When the Covid-19 was announced, there were many changes which were made to control it. In fact there are habits that were adopted and they became part of the lifestyle of the people. Every sector in the world was affected in various forms. The purchasing, sales and supplies methods were transformed in order to align to the new normal (Rollins, 2021 et al, p.18-40). Organizations that failed to adapt to changes quickly were heavily affected. Losses were recorded given that consumers had changed the manner in which they viewed certain brands as well as the way they made purchases. Given that businesses rely on the sales that are made, some forms of fallout were inevitable.
The pandemic affected customers hence the need for understanding ways in which brands can be formed in order to accommodate these changes. There are new demands on customer service where client demand 100% safety on every item that they buy. The e-commerce statistics of 2022 shows that a quarter of the world population given that the world has 7.8 billion people h...

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