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the prompt asked for a report written in a dissertation format that addresses the need to adopt technology, online operational systems, rather than just receiving emails only. the paper addressed the potential benefits that the sampled company would benefit from adapting the online systems, as well as possible challenges that could arise. also, the paper addressed the likely challenges. source..
ADOPTING UPDATED ONLINE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT MODEL Course Professor University City and state 17th October, 2016 Letter of Transmittal Einstein Technologies Email: Date 22/10/2016 Dr. Nikola Tesla, Director Nikola Mailshopping Mall 10 Jules Veme Boulevard, Toowoomba, dear sir, Below is the detailed analysis of venturing into an up to date online business operation, as you enquired. The report has considered several areas, as listed below. * The process of adopting and integrating the company with an up to date online system that will take over operations * The required assets, hardware, and software, available options for each case, and the best choice that the firm should consider * The major benefits that are expected once the company surfaces as a full online business company * Possible challenges and proposed mitigation measures for each investigated challenge * Essential considerations that have to be addressed with strict policies, such as privacy and security of the online operations information Eventually, the report ends with a clear conclusion on what is best for the firm and a set of imploring recommendations, that have been arrived at, after thorough research. Yours Sincerely, Mr. Hood Loke, Project Manager. Executive Summary This report has been developed to assess the viability of upgrading Nicola Tesla’s company from a single computer mail order system to a vibrant up to date online based business operations. The necessity or lack of it has been developed using a comparative analogy of the expected benefits of adopting the new technology and the cost that will be incurred in installing the new systems, as well as possibly missed fortunes that experienced from not having the system at the moment. This is a business organization performance improvement report and the technological developments have prompted a deeper study of the processes involved in the Information Technology (IT) that is about to be adopted by the company. Understanding the nitty gritty of IT will help in judging out the benefits reaped from the systems and their performance assessments that can be assessed from an economic point of view. The robustness of the to be adopted system might be associated with more risks and undesirable business complications. Analyzing these complications will lead to an informed decision-making platform that can be helpful in correctly ruling out what modifications may be needed to make the systems more viable and economical, specifically for Nicola’s company. Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Letter of Transmittal PAGEREF _Toc465193395 \h iiExecutive Summary PAGEREF _Toc465193396 \h iiiTable of figures PAGEREF _Toc465193397 \h vIntroduction PAGEREF _Toc465193398 \h 1Authorization and Purpose of the Report PAGEREF _Toc465193399 \h 1Limitations PAGEREF _Toc465193400 \h 2Scope of the report PAGEREF _Toc465193401 \h 21)Business Strategy PAGEREF _Toc465193402 \h 3Porter Five Forces Model PAGEREF _Toc465193403 \h 3Business marketing focus PAGEREF _Toc465193404 \h 4Supply chain management PAGEREF _Toc465193405 \h 4Upstream/Downstream PAGEREF _Toc465193406 \h 42)E-Business and Mobile Business PAGEREF _Toc465193407 \h 6Benefits and Challenges of e-business PAGEREF _Toc465193408 \h 6Characteristics of Web 2.0 PAGEREF _Toc465193409 \h 7Business-to-Consumer (B2C) model PAGEREF _Toc465193410 \h 7Instant Messaging as the e-commerce tool PAGEREF _Toc465193411 \h 8Measuring e-business success using Effectiveness MIS metrics PAGEREF _Toc465193412 \h 8Opting for M-business PAGEREF _Toc465193413 \h 83)Enterprise Architecture PAGEREF _Toc465193414 \h 9Steps for Information Architecture PAGEREF _Toc465193415 \h 9Primary characteristics of a robust infrastructure PAGEREF _Toc465193416 \h 9Cloud computing PAGEREF _Toc465193417 \h 104)Customer Relationship Management PAGEREF _Toc465193418 \h 11Management system for marketing PAGEREF _Toc465193419 \h 11Management system for sales PAGEREF _Toc465193420 \h 11Management system for customer service PAGEREF _Toc465193421 \h 12How to use CRM metrics PAGEREF _Toc465193422 \h 125)Privacy PAGEREF _Toc465193423 \h 12Australian privacy laws PAGEREF _Toc465193424 \h 13Commitment to the privacy of customers PAGEREF _Toc465193425 \h 13Global information privacy issues PAGEREF _Toc465193426 \h 14Conclusions and Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc465193427 \h 14Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc465193428 \h 14Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc465193429 \h 15References PAGEREF _Toc465193430 \h 16Appendix PAGEREF _Toc465193431 \h 18 Table of figures TOC \h \z \c "Figure" Figure 1:SCM of an e-business model (Smith, 2016) PAGEREF _Toc464892045 \h 10 Introduction Authorization and Purpose of the Report The study report has been commissioned by the respective company, as a business performance improvement assessment analysis, after adopting the new technology. Therefore, the paper intends to develop a clear strategy that can be used to minimize the cost of the new system, and maximize the possible returns by adopting the most strategic measures that will improve the performance of Nicola Tesla’s company. While the new technology has been based on IT development and management systems, the assessment has taken into consideration original information sources from experts in the respective field and the value of adopting IT. Choosing the most appropriate tools, in the form of software and hardware has been a challenge, to overcome through consistent consultation with the experts in the field. Consulting is critical as it provides the company with dire development strategies, chosen from several appealing options that might all be viable, and therefore, tricky to rule out the best. Anticipated complications arising from the adopted technology have been looked into so that the negative impacts that are likely developed can be mitigated in a preventive measure. The most intimidating complication is the privacy concern that might be an issue raised by the buyer. The matter has been tackled with by developing clear privacy policies that will work best for the business and assure the customers that their information will not be maltreated. Hacking, an eminent threat within the company has been looked into and developing a secure firewall, which can prevent the online and offline part of the business from being attacked has been initiated. The security of the company has been considered as a core priority of the company, especially now that its resources are to be kept in cloud data storage systems (Coope, O'Connell & Porter, 2005). Limitations As much as the report has tried to assess the impact of adopting the new technology, there are critical issues that have not been thoroughly handled and demand a closer insight. The central area that did not receive adequate research is how to cope with competition and how to emerge unique, within the online mode of business operations. The study appears to have left out a critical aspect that demands proper attention now at a time of high competition. Going unique would ensure that the business creates its market region, that has customers whose leaving options are costly and unwise. On the other side, the business ought to develop the customer relations strategies as explored to boost the client retention rates (Coope, O'Connell & Porter, 2005). The changes that will be expected, especially the operational business management, will now lead to a whole new mode of the directorate. Using the online resources, the operation of the business will change and the company ought to develop clear measures that can be used to tackle the changes. Managing the new section of the firm might require different skills, beyond poor business management, to some IT management skills. Additionally, phasing the technical IT perspective with the Business perspective might prove a challenge that has been hardly cautioned. Scope of the report The report is mainly oriented towards assessing the viability of adopting new technology in online business operations. Nicola’s company, which uses the mail order mode of transactions might need an added technological advancement if it is to survive the harsh competition posed by similar companies. On the other side, the report assesses the impact of adopting new technology and phases in the benefiting approaches with adverse results mitigation strategies. 1 Business Strategy In the current age of web 2.0, the use of the Internet in business models have advanced beyond the educational use of the internet as it was originally intended. With more and more people getting connected to the web, every business oughts to maximize their market share by accessing as many individuals as possible (Rose et al., 2012). Connecting to the right group is not easy, more-so, the strategy has been complicated by the load of information that is online, some of which might not add value to improving business performance (Petersen, 2000). While the introduction of web 2.0 has surmounted to the firm operation complications, appropriate and strategic use of the connection models, as well as the information it holds can be a source of business fortune (Elsner, Krafft & Huchzermeier, 2003). This section has detailed a comparison of the current market situation, and the various options that can be adopted for improved performance. Porter Five Forces Model The greatest peril that the company faces is danger of being kicked out of business by competing companies. The use of mail order format does not offer a great interaction platform for consumers to view atleast what they are buying. And more importantly get to talk to the su...
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