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Capability Brief on Boko Haram (Editing Sample)


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Capability Brief on Boko Haram
Prelims:Analysis to National Intelligence Agency (NIA), NigeriaI am writing for the Head of the NIA, The Question remains, how can we contain Boko Haram and Counter its offensive actions?
Key Judgements
1 The Boko Haram has proved to be a powerful group in Northern Nigeria because of the high population of Muslims, whereby some are composed of "Islamic" fanatics.
2 Boko Haram is highly influential because the group receives funding from the Osama Bin Laden’s extremist organization the Al Qaeda to the tune of 10 million dollars.
3 Boko Haram is bringing unrests in the country of Nigeria, despite it being the greatest economy in Africa because the government of Nigeria has failed in its quest to bring down the extremist group.
Boko Haram is an extremist group founded by a youth Islamists group that worshipped I’tekaf , where they spent time in a mosque for a whole day and up to a year. The group worshipped at a mosque known as Al haji Muhammadu Ndimi that is in Maiduguri in Northern Nigeria in the year 2002. These youth one day decided that an "Islamic State" is to be implemented in their country (Nigeria) and then spread it to their neighbouring States. This decision was followed by a declaration to have full control of the Maiduguri city, where they had to declare it an Islamic State. The Islamic group based its move on Hijra, which is referred to Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) shift to Medina from Mecca. It was led by Mohammed Ali, who called on other Muslims to join the extremist group and return to a life that is "true" to the Islamic Law. The group has grown to extreme heights of establishing a government within Nigeria with its functioning cabinet and rules, terrorizing innocent Nigerians who are Christians and refuse to follow their rulesCITATION Wal12 \l 1033 (Walker 2012).
1 Political Factors
1 Relations with government(s)
The extremist group is against the Nigerian Government and has caused a lot of unrest in the country. For this reason, there have been civil war operations between Boko Haram and the Nigerian troop in an effort to defeat the Islamist insurgency. In the political realm, the group has frustrated the government because it is responsible for unrest in parts of the country, particularly the Kaduna and Plateau states that are located in the Middle Belt. It has been suggested that the actions of this terrorist group, in the Middle Belt, has been because of the need to create a rift in Central Nigeria and disrupted the area politically. The weak leadership, in a political aspect, is among the reason for the growth of this group in Nigeria, particularly during the reign of President Goodluck Jonathan.[International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect, "The Crisis in Nigeria," ]
2 Structure
1 Leadership – The current leader of the group is Mahamat Dawoud, a rather strange and unknown name to many. He has replaced the former leader Abu-Bakr Shekau, according to a speech offered by President Idriss Deby of Chad.[BBC News, "Nigeria’s Boko Haram Militants ‘have new leader”, BBC News ]
2 Membership – The group membership comprises of people who have the same religious values and volunteer to coach them in carrying out their plans.
3 Recruiting – The new members added to the infamous group are usually youth and are willing to train with the terrorist group. They tend to be about 10-15 years old and from diverse backgrounds and nations such as Cameroon. As well as neighbouring states.[Ngala K. Chimtom, "Cameroon in for Long Fight as its Youth Join Boko Haram," CNN. ]
4 Population – Boko Haram’s rapid and increasing radicalization has brought its total population to a significantly high number that gives it an advantage in their destructive mission.[Asuelime, Lucky, and Ojochenemi J. David, "Boko Haram: the socio-economic drivers." ]
3 Support Infrastructure
2 Weapons – Their weapons have been repeatedly reported to be stolen from military stores during the hijacks. Alternatively, they have been using force to get to artillery they need. This task is achieved through the purchase of the commodity in the black market.
3 Transportation- This terrorist group has been reported to be using cars and public means of transport because it facilitates their explosive deployments. However, they sometimes walk around the region in which they are said to be hiding.
4 Technology/Media/Internet (see "recruiting”?) – Their main "weapon" is Social Media, which helps them increase their numbers.
5 Communications – their main form of communication remain to be message texts, phone calls and short-wave radio.
6 Funding – Some experts have argued that in previous times, Boko Haram was being financed by affluent businesspeople and wealthy politicians, who would sustain all the activities that they had back then. It has also been argued that the conditions of the partnership are not as favourable for the "donors" because they lost control of the illegal group although some political ties have continued to exist.
4 Previous/ Current Operations
* Timeline of Events: Boko Haram was known to plant bombs almost weekly in churches and public schools in Northern Nigeria. The security agency, the National Intelligence Agency intensified their actions to find the collaborators of the extremist group as well as the leaders. Through the combined actions of the government and the religious leaders, there was a relative calm in the affected regions. The NIA continued in their actions to win the war over Boko Haram.[PNL, "FG goes after Boko Haram backers in Army, SSS, NIA”, PNL ]
* Range/ Territory: Boko Haram has occupied Northern Nigerian territory and claimed most states in the region as of today.
* Tactics: The extremist group is famous for using suicide bombers to bomb public places, as well as the kidnapping of innocent people and blackmailing their families and the government of Nigeria.
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