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Environmental Sustainability: Your Geographic Sphere Of Interest (Editing Sample)


discussion on environmental sustainability and constructing. I discussed pollution as a result of construction activities and how to minimize it.

Environmental Sustainability
* What is your geographic sphere of interest? How was that chosen and why?
The primary concern of our project is environmental stability. East Wilder Road and the Connecticut River and their environs were chosen as the geographical areas of interest as far as this project is concerned. With any given construction work, the environment will always suffer from the resulting impacts during and after the construction project and hence the choice of this two geographical spheres. During and after the project, there is the likelihood that the river will be polluted and this may have adverse effects on the people who live in those regions.
* What is your time frame of interest? How/Why did you choose that?
The community partner will give guidelines and his expectations as far as the environmental aspect of the project is concerned. We are purposing to design culverts that easily sustain water from rain that occurs once in a given year. However, the long-run design of the culverts is subject to climate change and will be adjusted according to the rate of precipitation recorded in the regions. An increase in precipitation will increase flow rate which will call for redesigning of the culverts into ones that can accommodate huge flow rates.
* How does your project impact air, surface water, soil, and groundwater?
The primary objective of our project is the renovation of the existing road. This will include repaving a portion of the road, reconstruction of the road to reduce soil erosion and redesigning of the existing culvert system to handle substantial flow rates. The construction process involves excavation and use of machinery that pollute the environment through the release of dust particles and carbon dioxide from the engines. Vibration from the machines can weaken soil structure making it more prone to soil erosion. Additionally, repaving of the road requires the use of asphalt and the culvert material (PVC). Asphalt contains toxic carcinogenic compounds (IRWIN et al. 7) which can bring harm to the soil and groundwater when they leach through and likewise VC. Moreover, the construction process will involve the release of waste products which may contaminate the water supply. Nevertheless, reconstruction and redesign of the culvert system are aimed at reducing soil erosion from runoff by collecting stormwater and hence improving the quality of water.
* What are the biological ecosystem impacts (positive and negative) by your project?
Excavations done during the construction process will lead to lowering of the water table due to drying of acquirers as the soil within the excavated regions will not have the capacity to hold enough water. Vibrations from the excavating machines will interfere with soil ecosystem. Moreover, noise pollution will be at its highest and will be a nuisance to the residents (Talk 1). However, the project is aimed at reducing soil erosion from runoff. Reduction in soil erosion will improve the quality of soil which will enhance farming, afforestation, natural habitat for animals and reduce risk associated with erosion like landscapes (Talk 1). With improved road structure, the region will be expected to attract investors leading to growth and expansion in business (Alanizpaving 1).
* Use established metrics whenever they are applicable as those are more widely recognized and accepted. Modify or create new metrics if you need to but do so with proper substantiation.
The Vermont Act 250 has outlined metrics that can be used to evaluate the sustainability of a project. The metrics outlined herein are recognized and acceptable to a majority of people. For sustainability of this project and by the metrics outlined in the Act, five metrics will be considered for this project. It is, however, important to understand that most the metrics chosen are geared towards sustainability of the environment as discussed in the following table. Create a table of environmental factors impacted by your project, with the positive and negative impacts quantified. Include the weighting of each of those factors within the geographic and time spheres you are using.




Construction: negative

Excavation during the construction phase will pollute the environment through the noise and air pollutants like dust.

East wilder road and its environs.

The timeframe is subject to the duration of the project.

Air and water pollution: negative

Reduction of water tables and emission of toxic gases and dust particles may destroy life and disrupt habitat life. Plants will not have enough water and people will inhale toxic gases and dust.

East wilder road and the Connecticut River and its associated environs.

Proper control measures will be undertaken and waste products will be properly disposed of. For this reason, it is expected to be a short-term disturbance.

Runoff mitigation: positive

Reduction of runoff surface rainwater.

East wilder road and the Connecticut River and its associated environs.

Design of the culverts is meant for a 100-year storm.

Resolve slope erosion problem: positive

Facilitate afforestation and establishment of a natural ecosystem that will enhance the establishment of wildlife.

Streams within and along the East Wider Road

The growth of trees and establishment of wildlife takes time and hence a long-term merit.

Aesthetics impact: positive

Redesign of the road and the culvert system will make the region more attractive to visitors and investors.

East Wilder Road and its environs including the town of Lebnon.

The attraction of visitors and incoming of investors will lead to business expansion and growth of the town. This is a long-term benefit to the residen...
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