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My Occupation of Interest: Civil Engineering (Editing Sample)


It's a descriptive essay on "my field of interest."

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16 March 2013
My Occupation of Interest: Civil Engineering
With career choice being one of the most sensitive issues that one has to address immediately after high school, adequate information on the best program that fits your interests is important. Despite this, making the best choice for whatever future career is aligned with your everyday passions is challenging. Mainly, this is so as you have to make an independent choice of a career path you intend to follow. Therefore, before arriving at such a conclusion, one needs to have gone through proper guidance; especially by experienced persons in your would-be career. In addition to this, you can also source the information from credible sources such as university course calendars and well written credible career journals among others ("WKU – CE Student Handbook" 17).
With the requirement for 137 academic hours, one should quality as a fully fledged engineer. This is after intensive training in a credible university of college offering accredited Civil Engineering bachelor’s degree. To attain this, one has to pass many math, calculus and specialty engineering exams tested trough a rigorous process. After graduation, in 3 – 5 years, civil engineers are expected to have an average salary of $38.14 per hour or $79,340 per annum, civil engineers have an average of 20% chance of landing a job. Compared to its counterpart courses, there are more opportunities that one can land to. Consequently, civil engineers undertake various calculations on structural designs, operational or supervisory management in construction facilities ("Civil Engineering." May2012.Web. 16 March 2014)
Civil engineers are specialists who create global solutions to their local problems through the use of illustrative and real life methods. Through this, the engineers are able to create solutions to the problems through the deployment of their academic and professional expertise. In addition to this, the application of cutting edge math, science and technology skills allows them make all the difference over their careers. Their salary scales are also comparatively high ranging from $78,000 to $100,000 per year or over. Lastly, the fundamentals to the admission for the course and the profession at large include having a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, outstanding performance in High school Math, Science and Humanities (ASCE Career Paths in Civil Engineering. December 2013.Web.16 March 2014)
Comparative Analysis of the sources
Each of the three sources gives an explanation as to why civil engineering is the perfect career for me. To me, this is satisfactory. However, the following differences are noted concerning the three sources. First, the Topcat – WKU’s Online Catalog gives a detailed description of what civil engineers undertake their training on as well as a career path thereafter. However, this, contrasts the Occupational Outlook Handbook description which describes your professional and career life after school. Though good as a basis for molding the future civil engineer, this article is not well connected between the educational and professional training or the industry practice. More to this, the CE Student Handbook describes the career path both in the academic era and a short description of the life there after. However, this is only done without the consideration of in-depth analysis of the career. In addition to this, the ASCE description of the civil Engineering career path gives a detailed sample of w...
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