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Capital Investment Plan Analysis (Essay Sample)


Decisions in capital investment


Capital Investment Plan
Richard L Williams
HCA 312: Health Care FinanceApril 10, 2017
Instructor: Kurlyn Monnie-Daniels
Capital Investment Plan
Executive Summary
Decisions in capital investment are important, as they make sure that there is the identification of the capacity of the hospitals and the strategies that should be used in making sure that there is the maximization of the returns that the hospital gets. In Naval Hospital, the use of planning in the capital decisions made assists in improving the systems of the hospital and in ensuring that there is the allocation of resources to the projects that helps in increasing the competitive advantage of the hospital. The manifestation of the competition in the environment is important as it ensures that there is the focus on the improved technology to assist in improving the quality of the services of the hospital (Yu & Maula, 2016). It makes it necessary to ensure that there is the identification of the tools that Naval uses in the capital investment decisions and the frameworks that assist in improving the management of the hospital. It also ensures that there is the prioritization of the different projects as it is through this that there is focus on the utilization of efficiency created in the hospitals.
The approval process of the projects is important as it helps the Naval Hospital management to focus on the issues that continue to affect the hospital and the best strategies to use to improve the functioning of the organization. The demand for the services in the hospital guides the operation of the capital investment decisions, as it is through this that there is the implementation of the tracking process to assist in the management of the processes taking place in the organization. In the enhancing of the efficiency of the organization, Naval Hospital is implementing new operation systems to assist in the management of the patients and the functions of the organization.
Equipment Description
The Naval hospital is in the process of changing the core system in the operation of the hospital and this is meant to help in the management of the operations of the company. It helps in increasing efficiency and ensuring that there is increased competitiveness in the market (Kohli, Devaraj & Ow, 2012). The system will make sure that there is the coordination in different departments and that there is the management of the patients’ information and the enhancement of confidentiality. Looking at the healthcare environment, there is need to ensure that the systems are up to date as it assists in the saving of time and taking care of the patients in the shortest time possible.
It is important that there is the identification of the critical success factors in the implementation process as it is through this that the decisions on the implementation of the systems are made. It also ensures that there is the focus on the needs of the hospital in the coordination of the different activities that the company engages. It is through this that there is the creation of awareness on the operation of the hospital. The increase in the efficiency of operation helps in improving the profitability of the organization as more people will appreciate the services offered and the creation of understanding between the patients and the doctors as there is easy access to their information. The evolution of the systems also makes it necessary for the Naval Hospital to make adjustments, as it is through this that there is an improvement in the reporting manner.
Establishing the Team
1714500114300Capital Investment CommitteeChief Executive OfficerChief Operating OfficerChief Finance Officer00Capital Investment CommitteeChief Executive OfficerChief Operating OfficerChief Finance Officer
-109855304800Management committee;IT personnel00Management committee;IT personnel
217170060960Researchers00Researchers4000500118745Risk managers00Risk managers
The diagram shows the parties that are responsible for the implementation of the system change over and in making the capital investment decisions in the company. The capital investment committees of the Naval Ho

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