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Financial Analysis of Jungfraubahn Holding AG Finance Essay (Essay Sample)


THE TASK FOR THIS PAPER WAS TO DO A Financial Analysis of Jungfraubahn Holding AG. THEREFORE, THIS SAMPLE GIVES A DETAILED Financial Analysis of Jungfraubahn Holding AG.


Financial Analysis
Financial Analysis of Jungfraubahn Holding AG
Financial analysis is the use of a company's financial data to evaluate its financial performance and make recommendations on the necessary improvements. Financial analysts also help investors to make financial decisions on whether or not to invest in a particular company. This paper aims to provide a detailed financial analysis of Junsgfraubahn Holding AG.
1 Presentation of the Company
* Business Activity
Jungfraubahn Holding AG is a SIX Swiss Exchange-listed corporation. As the leading tourism firm in Switzerland and the most prominent railway organization in the country. Its primary activity is the operation of excursion railways and winter sports facilities in the region of Jungfrau. The company offers customers an adventure in the mountains, using a train. The company has developed a long-term agency and distribution network that gives it a leading market position in Asia (Jungfraujoch, 2018).
* The Structure of the Group
Jungfraubahn Holding AG comprises eleven subsidiary companies. The group has three significant segments, including Winter Sports, Experience mountains, and Top of Europe. The Top of Europe is the company's most profitable business segment, which comprises the highest Europe's railway station with a height of 3,454 meters above sea level. The other two segments supplement the Top of Europe segment. The winter sport includes facilities in Murren-Schilthom, Kleine Scheoidegg-Mannlichen, and Grindelwald-First. The Experience Mountains comprises of destinations in areas that surround Jungfraujoch.
* Reference to Annual Financial Statements
Jungfraubahn Holding AG prepares and presents audited financial reports to the stakeholders and the general public. The link to its financial statements is

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