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Improving the Communication Gap (Essay Sample)


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Prior to the mid-1970s, systems programmers and business people (including accountants) did not communicate well with one another. The programmers were criticized for using too much jargon, and the business people were criticized for not adequately expressing their needs. Efforts have been made to overcome this communication gap, but room for improvement still exists. After reading the article, Accountants’ Role in the Accounting Information System, answer the following questions: What problems do you think resulted from this communication gap? What can you do to help close the gap even more when you enter the workforce or in your current job? In your response posts, discuss how your ideas are similar to and different from the ideas discussed by a classmate in relation to these questions. Tie the concepts from their posts to examples from the text or other authoritative research sources. Refer to the Discussion Rubric PDF for directions on completing these discussions.


Improving the Communication Gap
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Question #1
The accounting information system is enormously significant because it is quite possibly the main asset giving the financial and social information needed for settling on the right choices at this time. To address the issues of leaders regarding accounting information, it needs to focus on fostering the accounting information systems to be in different most today’s advancements. Happening in the business arena and at the same point, addressing the problems of the growing interest for such accounting information that various gatherings and substances require. However, this has not been the case over the past decades for several reasons, like limitations in skills and knowledge related to information technology. These shortcomings in the accounting sector have led to a significant difference between the businesses with the knowledge and skills to deal with communication in the organization as far as accounting is concerned and those who don't have the knowledge and skills for AIS.
Question #2
The most important thing I can do to help organizations, or rather my employer, is to encourage the use of information accounting system skillful personnel and acquire knowledge of the system. Without the company having strong communication from the financial sector to the produc

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