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Accounting, Finance, SPSS
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Organizational Behavior: Leadership and Conflict Resolution Strategies (Essay Sample)


Organizational Behavior Instructions will be attached 3 questions to follow all the prompts. Use the text book recommendation. No. 3 question says provide evidence to support your claim. If you are quoting from the textbook please give in-text citation and reference other outside sources are required. Not Only the textbook.


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The first of five conflict-resolution strategies is accommodating. Over-cooperating may hurt your goals, objectives, and intended results. This strategy works when the opponent is an expert or has a better option. Second, evasion avoids a problem. Not helping others reach their goals wastes time. However, this works when the stakes are low, or you can’t win. In this case, an expensive problem can be helpful.” Working together can help
“Escalation of commitment” occurs when a person or organization faces unfavorable results from a decision, activity, or investment yet refuses to change course. The actor’s behaviors seem illogical but consistent with earlier findings. In any company, managers and employees must make informed business decisions. (Kinicki & Fugate, 2016) You must use critical thinking and evaluate possible activities to deliver the expected result. Unwittingly, decision-makers may be biased. Self-serving biases include those that boost self-esteem. Self-serving bias can drive you to make judgments that benefit you over coworkers, customers, clients, vendors, and the organiz

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