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Risk breakdown structure Accounting, Finance, SPSS Essay (Essay Sample)


Risk breakdown structure models and analysis


Project Risk Breakdown Structure
Institution Affiliation
Ultra-Poly Plumbing Technical Risks
Burst and Cracks, the nature of the pipes selected might not be flexible which makes it difficult to bend the pipes to the smallest possible available outlet. Bursting and cracking of the poly-pipes will results in financial losses (Meredith et al,. 2011). The pipes should be made of Polybutylene as it is the most malleable plastic. The pipes should have high resistance to heat and freezing.
Clogging, during installation and plumbing of the pipes, some matter might get into the pipe blocking them. Clogging might also results from using inappropriate stiffeners. Sealed pipe stiffeners, stainless steel pipe stiffeners and plastic pipe stiffeners should be used to ensure that the fitting does not allow any unwanted materials to get in (Hillson, 2003). Push fit plumbing should also be ensured that it is compatible with the stiffener.
Inappropriate cutting tools, the pipes should be measured accurately and cut using the polypipe pipe cutter. “K” marks should be used as a guide for proper insertion of the pipes. In addition, appropriate lubricants such as polypipe silicon and EPDM ‘O’ should be used (Lester, 2006). Inappropriate cutting of the pipes will results in wastage of the avaialble resources. Professiona equipments should be used to cut and fit the polypipes.
Electrical shock, Pipe work arrangement should be designed in such a manner that they don’t run over electrical cables. Piping layout should be provided to ensure that pipes carrying water do not come in contact with electrical switchgears. In occurrence of a leakage, one risks being electrocuted.
Misunderstanding of the pipe-work installation drawing, the layout drawing provided by the contractor should be accurate, and all workers should have a clear image of what should be done. The design shows how the pipes should be installed as per the design of the structure.

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