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Role of GCC Governments in Private Equity and Venture Capital (Essay Sample)


Use the pdf report I attached to discuss the private equity in GCC (Arabian Gulf countries) & discuss the role of GCC governments in venture capital and private equity funding evolution.
Investigating private equity opportunities in GCC and the role of GCC governments in private equity & venture capital.


Private equity & Venture capital in GCC
Private Equity & Venture Capital in GCC
According to Talmor & Vasvari (2011), private equity refers to shares that represent ownership or an interest in an organization does not trade its shares publicly. The GCC, in recent years, has had fast growth and development. The region has been established as a center of commerce and finance, as a result of the fluctuating increase in the prices of oil (Gianfrate & Loewenthal, 2015). Besides, the region has drawn blue-chip sponsors to sporting as well as cultural events, which include horse racing events, tennis tournaments, and motor racing. There has also been a rapid growth of the private equity opportunities in the GCC. Private equity plays a vital role in promoting the future growth of the economy (Talmor & Vasvari, 2011). This paper aims to investigate private equity opportunities in GCC and the role of GCC governments in private equity & venture capital.
Private Equity Opportunities in the GCC
There has been high interest from the private equity industry globally as a result of high level of privatization of economic activity, high liquidity, and rapid economic growth in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations. The private equity industry in this area accounts for an insignificant proportion of the dynamic economic activity in the region (Gianfrate & Loewenthal, 2015). However, opportunities of private equity have been increasing and emerging in areas such as family-dominated companies that focus on rationalization of operations, governments that undertake initiatives of privatization or 

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