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Close Analysis of the Film “The Conversation” (Essay Sample)


THIS SAMPLE WAS ABOUT ANALYZING A SCENE IN THE FILM "THE CONVERSATION." EXPLAINING HOW THE OPENING SCENE [01:08-03:48] PREPARES THE VIEWERS TO UNDERSTAND THE MOVIE'S CONTEXT AND SET THE FILM'S CENTRAL THEME. The focus was also on explaining the connection between the elements and the themes, and narrative development.


Close Analysis of “The Conversation”
Close Analysis of “The Conversation”
This analysis focuses on the opening scene [01:08-03:48] of the movie “The Conversation.” From the initial aerial shot, the viewer is drawn to the location of the movie, which also contributes to defining and comprehending the major theme. As seen, the initial shot captures Union Square in San Francisco (Birusan, 2010). The panning of the camera, as it narrows on the scene, is supplemented with noise that includes music, laughter, and people talking. The viewer, initially, is not clear on the specific aspects of the film to concentrate on.
As the camera draws in closer to the crowd in the Square, the viewer can see a mime that imitates a man in a coat. While the 

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