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Visual & Performing Arts
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Create a drama unit plan. Develop five to seven lessons (recommended scope) which include sequential activities that build toward an appropriate culminating activity over a span of one to three weeks (recommended). The unit must: Include a connection to the appropriate, relevant Alaska Content Standards. List specific student learning objectives (SLOs) or targets. Provide a method for assessment explicitly linked to your learning objectives/targets. Include at least one comprehensive and complete lesson plan. source..
Drama and Theatre Student's Name: Institution Affiliation: Date: Drama and Theatre Topic/subject: Drama and Theatre Grade level: 1st Grade Focus: Creative Drama and Movement Lesson Plan Length of Unit: One week/ Five lessons Alaska Content Standards: Cultural standards for students A student should be able to create and perform in the arts. A student who meets the content standard should: * Refine artistic skills and develop self-discipline through rehearsal, practice, and revision. * Participate in dance, drama, music, visual arts, and create writing. * Appropriately use new and traditional materials, tools, techniques, and processes in the arts. * Collaborate with others to create and perform works of art. * Demonstrate the creativity and imagination necessary for innovative thinking and problem solving. * Integrate two or more art forms to create a work of art. * Investigate careers in arts production. Drama standards AK.B. A student should be able to understand the historical and contemporary role of the arts in Alaska, the nation, and the world. A student who meets the content standard should: * B.4. Investigate the relationships among the arts and the individual, the society, and the environment. * B.5. Recognize universal themes in the arts such as love, war, childhood, and community. * B.6. Recognize specific works of art created by artists from diverse backgrounds. * B.7. Explore similarities and differences in the arts of world cultures. Unit Goal: This drama unit plan was developed on 2022/23. It is formulated in collaboration with departmental heads and all teachers. Drama and theatre is an important element in our school. The process of drama allows students to comprehend their feelings, to enhance new ideas, and to acquire knowledge of themselves in the world. The aim for this drama plan is guided by the goal that drama is a process that explores the real world through the fictional world. It is developed in accordance with Alaska content standards for drama to enable the student to become drama literate. To allow the child to enhance their social skills necessary to engage honestly with others. The plan also aims to allow child to comprehend structures and types of drama. Student objectives Enhance coordination and rhythm Enhance motor skills through movement and fine motor skills with props Notice any type of feeling that you feel during the drama. Suggest any objects or costumes to use in defining the space Define the space and re-create a scene in the classroom Make suggestions when the teacher is briefing the group Be able to resolve the problem in the drama. Materials 100+ Ideas for Drama –Anna Scher &Charles Verrall Drama and Traditional Story for the early years - Nigel Toye & Frances Prendeville Drama Lessons for five to eleven year olds - Judith Ackroyd & Joe Boulton Drama 7- 11 Developing Primary Skills - Neil Kitson & Ian Spilby The Toymaker’s Workshop & other tales - Ackroyd & Boulton Development through Drama- Brian Way Concert Items ,Infants – 6th class – Margaret Collins Smith Mime 3 – James Dodding Step by Step – Jonne Parkes,Sarah Fitzgibbon Ideas for Drama – Alison Chaplin Selection of Christmas Plays Music for Drama Week Overview Introduction question Could you believe in the drama? Day one Still image: Students should use their bodies to create a frozen image of a scene in the drama such as when the bears see Goldilocks asleep in the bed. The learners can advance by depicting an abstract concept such as fear, or a student can act as a sculptor to a fellow student. Day two * Narration includes offering a connection between drama moments. * The learners should create an atmosphere by initiating a drama; creating suspense; moving the action on. The students should report back in a narration by giving a narrative to link an action. * Direct the students to watch and listen as you read and act out a poem called “Five LiIle Pumpkins” Day Three Hot-seating which involves students questioning a character whereby students are working individu...
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