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Performing Arts: Executive Producer (Andy Cohen) (Essay Sample)


The life of ANDY COHEN


Executive Producer (Andy Cohen)
Institutional Affiliation
Executive Producer (Andy Cohen)
Andy Cohen is an American born in St. Louis Missouri on 2nd June 1968. His parents were Lou Cohen and Evelyn. He is an author, a radio host, a producer, and a host of talk shows. His original name is Andrew Joseph Cohen. He went to Clayton school and graduated in 1986. He later graduated from the University of Boston with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism. He got an internship at CBS News together with Chen Julie whom they reported at the same time. He stayed there working for ten years and ended up serving as a senior producer of “The Early Show.” Also, he served as a producer on a show called “This Morning” for 48 hours. Cohen became a vice president of the cable network of original programming in the year 2000.He has interacted live with “the View” and Kelly. This research paper tells about Andy Cohen, his career, tribulations, and downfalls, how he achieved his career as well as how he has ended up expanding his brand.
Andy appeared as a guest on such shows as “Morning Joe” and “Today.” Also, he has been a co-host on the program “Anderson Live” with Cooper Anderson in 2012. The two used to discuss on gays, and how Cooper was involved in it. Also, they have toured together on national tours AC2 to about twenty cities. During these tours, they raised more than two hundred and forty thousand dollars upon the Orlando massacre. On 15th August 2013, Cohen resigned as a co-host of the Miss Universe Pageant that was sent off from Russia due to the adoption of anti-gays rules. In June 2016, he published his first book known as The Andy Cohen Diaries: A deep look at a shallow year under Holt Henry’s Company. Superficial was the third book that he released in November 2016. He has also owned a radio channel “Radio Andy” on SiriusXM since 2015. The channel 102 would feature Jon Alter, Frankel Bethany, Bernhard Sandra, John Hickey and Andy Cohen.
Andy had a non-static personality making choices that surprised his audience. He first went for an interview with the New York Magazine in 2010. He explained that he wanted to be on air since he found in it a particular sense. He kept on sending mails to the former president of Bravo Zalaznick Lauren. She got impressed with his style of writing, and from then onwards he started a blog for Bravo’s network. Later he found that he could manage to string sentences together and started hosting the “Real Housewives” defined as a show of reunion. He had to switch live with anybody around the world. Cohen had to interact with celebrities in this show as well as play games, take cocktails, and ask any questions that would ring into his brain. It was the sickest job for him to pay somebody else. He had been the main character behind the camera scenes at Bravo for a while. At the age of 47, he got the position of original development and programming vice president at Bravo network. This proved that Cohen considerably contributed to casting and developing the shows that later shaped the Bravo network.
Andy as an Executive Producer
Andy Cohen became the biggest and possibly most famous executive producer in TV shows due to his greatly attractive personality. It is logical and sensible if Cohen established his extremely successful entertainment shows on television. Andy Cohen got an amazingly good rapport with the fair sex and therefore managed to create his shows on television. It became much easier to reveal data and information with minimal challenges. He won in Emmy Awards as an author, a producer and a host. He was best known as an executive producer of the show “Watch What Happens Live." This was the best interactive talk show that was hosted at Bravolate in the night. It featured anybody from big names to the so-called “bravolebrities” from pop culture. They included Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey, Fallon Jimmy, Jennifer Lopez, Cher, Ferrell Will and Streep Meryl.
Andy Cohen was an executive producer of the show "The Real Housewives." A certain magazine referred to Andy as a genius as well as the smartest man on television in 2014. His shows were described as authentic with successful stories behind. He served as an executive at Bravo for ten years where he was taking charge of “Eye Queer," “Flipping out," “Work out," "Super Model," "Work of Art," “Great Artist," “Top Design” and “The Top Chef." He had started his career at Bravo as a vice president in 2004. He had worked as a vice president executive in charge of “Talent and Development” from 2011 to 2014 at Bravo. Andy Cohen won an Emmy award during the season six “Top Chef” show. It was a real and outstanding competition that took place in 2010. Other Emmy awards include those that he won when working as an executive producer of “Project Green Light," “Queer Eye” as well as “Project Runway." Also, he got a Peabody award for being an executive producer at TRIO and another one for “Runway” in 2008.
Andy Cohen falls are exposed in the book American Guru. He is said to have behaved many times in an insensible manner. He had been mistreating women including his mother. This is clearly explained in the book that her mother wrote, The Mother of God. He does not act like a civilized guru with valuable knowledge. Instead, he behaves like a spoiled brat suffering from chronic disease. He was concerned with self-interest and his self-proclaimed person. He, therefore, calls for a lifetime therapy and yearns for apologizing to his mother.
Male chauvinism is what led Cohen into great trouble. He used to sleep with celebrities at...
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