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Define Art According To Henry M. Sayre's World Of Art (Essay Sample)


to define Art According to Henry M. Sayre's World of Art


Art According to Henry M. Sayre’s World of Art
Art According to Henry M. Sayre’s World of Art
Consider an author with a great idea in his head; Henry argues that up to that level of creative imagination, the author depicts art. The book he writes to bring out or draw or illustrate his ideas is simply a complement to the imagination, thus, only a tool, and as he puts it, the book is not a work of art in its own right. As a student questions work of art, a trigger of critical thinking is spurred as I read through Henry’s book, the World of Art. I totally agree with his views regarding art.
According to Henry, art is a process of imagining, seeing and making, then the technique and media issues a voice to the imagination. The initial process of art is similar to all fields; however, the difference is depicted through the media of presentation. It is through this media, that different viewers get different visual effects. Assume the visual difference of a scene drawn by hand with charcoal and the similar scene drawn with the help of Computer Aided Programs. Similarly, a drawing or a painting is a media through which an artist reveals his idealistic art by a style of his choosing.
We use visual analysis to separate art from no-art; it addresses an artworks formal qualities such as color, line, proportion, texture, balance, rhythm and space. Therefore, these formal qualities are the main aspects that separate doodle works and other visualizations from true art. Also, to separate between art and non-art, interpreting cogniti...
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