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Solar Panels Perform Better when Listening to Pop Music (Essay Sample)


Solar Panels Perform Better when Listening to Pop Music


Solar Panels Perform Better when Listening to Pop Music

According to researchers from Imperial College London, solar panels work harder when exposed to music frequencies; this is true for pop music as compared to classical music. The discovery states that sound vibrations that constitutes up music can make solar panels work harder and more effectively. The scientific explanation is that high pitched volume or sound from both rock and pop music increases the solar power output to considerable 47%. On the other hand, classical music is able to produce solar cell output power of 16% lower as compared to that of rock and pop music. According to James Durrant, a researcher at Imperial’s Department the research was just a coincidence since the organization was determining how sound could cancel each other with solar frequencies but this was in opposite as it amplified the so...
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